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Press Release
: : 14 August, 2004

Mark & Sheryl Seton, who have both had a successful history in business, immediately recognised the potential of the Protex franchise opportunity when they visited the Sydney franchise exhibition earlier this year. They both recognised the huge untapped potential market for this product in New Zealand and wasted no time in becoming the Master Franchisors and exclusive distributors for all Protex products within New Zealand.

The official launch of the Protex franchise system in New Zealand takes place at the August; Franchise Expo in Auckland, Mark and Sheryl both successfully attended the Protex intensive training course at Protex head office and manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom.

Protex New Zealand based in the North Harbour Industrial Park can now provide a full franchise support infrastructure including sales, marketing, technical, accounting, customer service and after care from their head office based in Auckland. This is supported by Protex Australia Pty Ltd which is a joint venture company with Protex Solutions Ltd in the UK.

Protex Solutions Ltd in the UK are members of the British Franchise Association, who promote ethical franchising combined with a strict code of business practices and Protex Australia Pty Ltd., comply fully with the Australian franchise code of practice.

Protex Tyre Sealant not only protects against the highly dangerous effects of high-speed punctures, but also prevents the hazardous situations forced on thousands of people every day when they fall victim to an unexpected puncture. Punctures can strike at any time on a motorway, a busy main road, at night, in the rain and even miles from help.

A puncture in a powered wheelchair or scooter will render the vehicle difficult to control and the further away from your destination it happens, the more stressful and inconvenient the problem is.

If you use a motor vehicle on the roads, the problems of pneumatic punctures are compounded even more. Whether you are able-bodied, disabled, or have to deploy a wheel-chair from a stricken vehicle, changing a wheel can be fraught with danger; yet with Protex installed in your tyres, you can rest assured that any puncture will be sealed immediately it happens, with no loss of air pressure.

Protex is a unique proactive tyre sealant that when inserted into a pneumatic tyre through the valve aperture protects the tread area of the tyre from punctures for the legal life of the tyre having both economic and safety benefits to the company or individual.

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