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Dr Callum Floyd founded Franchise-chat in 1999 whilst completing a Ph.D researching franchising.

Franchise-chat was established with the following key objective in mind,
  • To bring franchise news stories and resource articles from around the world to one convenient location.

Franchise-chat’s visitor numbers have increased dramatically year on year. The readership is both large and global, with thousands of people visiting from more than 30 different countries each week. Furthermore, Franchise-chat is consistently ranked in the top 5 search results for franchise news on all the major search engines, often taking the #1 spot.

Keeping Franchise-chat live and updated with news every day requires considerable effort. Each day involves a search through hundreds of newswire, newspaper and other sites for the very latest in franchise news. Chris Noble (Associate Editor) and Callum jointly manage the various tasks of updating, maintaining and improving Franchise-chat for the benefit of the global franchise community.

If you've got a question or suggestion for the Franchise-chat team, please get in touch via our contact form.
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