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We've selected a number of books that are well worth a read, and have sorted them into three categories: 'Analysis', 'Buying a Franchise' and 'Company Stories'.


Service Franchising: A Global Perspective
by Ilan Alon
The Franchisor's Guide to Improving Field Visits
by Greg Nathan

An 88-page practical guide to understanding, formulating, implementing, managing and improving a franchising field visit programme. [Reviewed here]
Franchising: Pathway to Wealth Creation
by Stephen Spinelli, Sue Birley and Robert Rosenberg
Franchising: An International Perspective
edited by Frank Hoy and John Stanworth
Profitable Partnerships
by Greg Nathan
The Franchise E-Factor
by Greg Nathan

The Franchise E-Factor is a franchisor guide to understanding, acting and coping with the challenging franchise relationship. [Reviewed Here]
Franchising for Dummies
by Michael H. Seid
Franchising Dreams: The Lure of Entrepreneurship in America
by Peter M. Birkeland
Fast Food Nation
by Eric Schlosser
Franchise Organizations
by Jeffrey L. Bradach
[image not available] The Internationalization of US Franchising Systems (Transnational Business and Corporate Culture: Problems and Opportunities)
by Ilan Alon
International Franchising in Industrialized Markets: Western and Northern Europe
by Ilan Alon

A far-reaching book exploring franchising in 12 European countries. Contains a wealth of information including country statistics, legislation, codes of ethics, women in franchising, retailing, plural form strategies and trends. [Reviewed Here]
International Franchising in Industrialized Markets: North America, the Pacific Rim and Other Countries
by Ilan Alon
The Franchise Paradox: New Directions, Different Strategies
by Stuart Price
McLibel: Burger Culture on Trial
John Vidal and Ralph Nader (Introduction)


The 2004 Franchise Annual: Since 1969-The Original Franchise Handbook and Directory
by Edward Dixon and Lisa Carpenter
Bond's Franchise Guide 2004
by Robert E. Bond
Bond's Minority Franchise Guide 2004
by Robert E. Bond
The 50 Best Low Investment, High Profit Franchises
by Robert L. Perry
Tips & Traps When Buying a Franchise
by Mary E. Tomzack (Preface)
Franchise Bible : How to Buy a Franchise or Franchise Your Own Business
by Erwin J. Keup, Vickie Reierson (Editor)
The Franchise Fraud : How to Protect Yourself Before and After You Invest
by Robert L., Jr. Purvin


McDonald's: Behind the Arches
by John F. Love
The Burger King: Jim McLamore and the Building of an Empire
by James W. McLamore and Jim McLamore
Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's
by Ray Kroc and Robert Anderson
Pour Your Heart into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time
by Howard Schultz and Dori Jones Yang
The Stakeholder Corporation: The Body Shop: Blueprint for Maximizing Stakeholder Value
by David Wheeler, Maria Sillanpaa and Anita Roddick

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