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Press Release
: : 16 November, 2004

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to own and operate one of America’s premier franchises? If so, Mr. Handyman and FranNet are offering a unique opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Mr. Handyman, based in Ann Arbor, Mich., along with Carlsbad, Calif.-based FranNet, one of the world’s largest networks of franchise consultants, are embarking on a nationwide search. They’re looking for the person who best fits the criteria to own and operate a Mr. Handyman franchise.

The winner will join more than 135 existing Mr. Handyman franchisees across the country and will be chosen by an evaluation of responses to FranNet’s industry-leading confidential questionnaire that has earned them the nickname of the “franchise matchmaker” in the industry. “We are known in the franchise industry as the company that provides the best-quality candidates for franchise systems,” said Howard Bassuk, who founded FranNet in 1987.

“The territory fee of $30,000 will be waived for this candidate,” said Todd Recknagel, president of Mr. Handyman. “However, the candidate still must meet the minimum financial requirements (found on the website) and pay the $9,900 franchise fee for training, documentation, and a grand opening kit, along with $9,500 for our Dell computer software package. He or she must also possess enough working capital to operate the awarded franchise. But for the right person, this is a dream come true.”

Although FranNet does not charge prospective franchisees for its services, it is waiving the finder’s fee it normally charges the franchisor for placing a candidate.

“We are so proud of our current franchisees and their success,” said Recknagel, “that we have decided that this is the thing to do to celebrate entrepreneurship. Of course FranNet has a long history of placing just the right candidates with Mr. Handyman, so it’s only logical that they choose this one!”

Contestants will be directed to a confidential questionnaire through a special web site – - designated specifically for the giveaway. The site will also explain the specifics of the contest in much greater detail, along with a link to and to learn much more about those companies and the opportunities.

FranNet is the oldest and most recognized name in the franchise consulting industry. The network of 90 advisors in the United States and several foreign countries is market-specific, meaning advisors are focused only on serving people in their specific, local market. FranNet advisors also host numerous informational seminars and educational programs that are open to the public each month throughout the country. The network is responsible for placing thousands of franchisees in the past nearly two decades.

‘”What makes our network unique,” said founder Bassuk, “is the amazing expertise and years of experience in the field that our associates have. Many of them have been franchisees or involved with the inner workings of top franchisors before becoming FranNet associates. They know what it takes to own and operate a franchised business. They serve as a counselor of sorts to the many that walk through their doors to get profiled.”

The FranNet questionnaire being utilized in the giveaway is one of many important tools that FranNet uses to evaluate individuals and match them to the right concept. The questionnaire is simple, asking candidates such things as what attributes best describe them, their strengths and weaknesses and what is most important to them. But it is by combining the questionnaire results with its personal counseling and modeling that allows FranNet to seamlessly match its clients with franchisors.

The franchise giveaway winner will be joining a network that’s already a proven winner. With more than 400 service vans on the road nationwide, Mr. Handyman caters to a potential market of 100 million U.S. homeowners and commercial customers requiring property maintenance and repairs.

Mr. Handyman handles repairs and odd jobs for those who don’t have the motivation or resources to take care of routine and minor maintenance themselves. Its uniformed, bonded technicians drive well-outfitted trucks bearing the Mr. Handyman logo. And unlike most independent contractors, office staff handles scheduling and customer questions, allowing for superior service.

But franchisees don’t handle the actual repairs; that’s left to the technicians. Instead the franchise owner concentrates on managing and growing Mr. Handyman.

“Mr. Handyman doesn’t want franchise owners who fix things,” said Joel Libava, the FranNet associate for Cleveland who is heading up this search for the nationwide network of associates. “They want individuals with operations backgrounds, individuals who are good at team building and going out and shaking hands and building a customer base.”

Libava said the changing demographics of America over the years have provided Mr. Handyman with a populace in need of its services. Millions of aging Baby Boomers are nearing retirement age and the segment of dual-income families is always an ever-present force. Both have disposable income that they’re willing to spend for services such as Mr. Handyman as a solution to having time of their own.

According to Libava, an ideal candidate for a franchised business is someone accustomed to working within a system, with sound business philosophies, a strong work ethic and the willingness to take a calculated risk.

“But the best part of franchising is that you have the opportunity to find out what the business is like before you invest in it,” Libava said. “You can find out what a typical day is like from those who have done it already or are doing it now. There’s no other business where you can do that kind of research.

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