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Press Release
: : 1 February, 2005


When consumers rely on businesses for deliveries, one of the most important factors is delivering the product on time. To satisfy consumer and business demands for efficient delivery, MarketMAPS, America's leading source of delivery map solutions, has introduced a way for businesses to make sure they are on time:

This new website allows businesses to custom create their delivery maps online within minutes and receive their maps as soon as the next day. "Companies in every state are using our maps," said Dan Olasin, president of MarketMAPS. " is an easy way for every business to get the map they need of exactly their delivery area." offers a step by step and visual procedure of creating these custom maps. A business can enter their location and specify their delivery area using radius distance, drive time, and custom area techniques. Once the delivery area is tailored for each business, delivery maps are available in a number of formats. MarketMAPS makes wall maps for the store and office, map books for the drivers, and digital maps for review on a PC.

"We're switching all our stores to MarketMAPS", commented Billy Easterbrooks, Operations Director at Domino's Pizza. "I've been extremely happy with MarketMAPS. The detail is better than anything we've found in the past. Drivers love having the block numbers right on the map."

In addition to the several formatting features, offers these options and benefits:

  • Grid System: Maps are available with a grid system, making pinpointing locations even easier.
  • Most Current: Maps have the same data that is used for in-car navigation systems.
  • Street Address Ranges: Street address blocks make finding business locations quick and easy.
  • Clarity and Design: Map layout and clear, detailed street labels.
  • Easy-to-Use Indexes: The Street Index allows easy pinpointing of locations on the map.
  • Additional features: Add delivery zones, postal carrier routes, and demographic data to your maps.

With, businesses easily access their essential delivery maps online or with a phone call. specialists work with managers to design the right maps for their application. Managers get the maps they need, when they need it. offers same day shipping for digital maps and next day shipping for all other maps. Digital maps are downloadable directly and all other maps are shipped with FedEx.

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About, a division of MarketMAPS, produces affordable delivery maps and delivers them quickly and efficiently. creates exactly the map businesses need for their area, including wall maps, map books, and digital maps. All maps are custom designed to maximize their value with easy-to-use features. uses the most up-to-date information available to ensure business accuracy and efficiency. To get the delivery maps you need, visit and call toll free 888-434-MAPS.

MarketMAPS, founded in 1985, provides a comprehensive selection of business maps. MarketMAPS uses the latest data available and state-of-the-art printing technology to offer custom wall maps, map books and digital maps. MarketMAPS provides maps of the United States and Canada, including zip/postal codes, demographics and business data. MarketMAPS are On Target, On Time: you get exactly the map you need, when you need it!

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