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Press Release
: : 11 March, 2002


Businesses eager to expand through franchising have a new source of growth capital, according to Donald D. Boroian, Chairman and CEO of Francorp, Inc., the Olympia Fields, Illinois-based company that specializes in franchise consulting and development.

Boroian's new company, Francorp Capital, Inc., is in the process of raising $30 million to provide qualified businesses with funds they need to launch franchise programs. Each business selected by Francorp Capital, Inc. will receive a capital infusion of $300,000 for franchise program development and implementation.

"This program will help new franchise companies during the critical early phase when undercapitalized new franchisors sometimes fail," said Boroian.

Francorp Capital, Inc. clients will repay this capital infusion out of franchise fees and royalties from franchises sold, a repayment system that Boroian says is "unique to franchise financing."

Businesses applying for Francorp Capital, Inc.'s capital infusion will be evaluated based upon their potential for success as franchisors. Criteria include profitability and growth, the existing markets for their particular franchises, and the amount of investment required by the franchisee.

Critical to the success of the new program, says Boroian, is the participation of Francorp, Inc., the world's leading firm specializing in franchise consulting and development. In the past two decades, Francorp, Inc. has helped more than 2,000 businesses join the ranks of franchisors. Among its clients are Kentucky Fried Chicken, Omni Hotels, Ace Hardware, Damon's, USA Baby, Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Culver's, Jimmy John's and BP Amoco.

Francorp, Inc. will be responsible for submitting qualified candidates and for creating a full development program for each candidate selected. Francorp Capital, Inc. will also participate in the preliminary evaluation process and will monitor the progress of each new franchise, to ensure the successful implementation of the business plan. Franchise development services include the formulation of a franchise strategy, drafting of required documents and operations manuals, creation of franchise marketing materials and a marketing plan, and training of franchise sales personnel.

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Founded in 1976, Francorp, Inc. is the world's leading franchise development and consulting firm, providing its clients with seamless, in-depth strategic planning, legal, operations, marketing and expert witness services. Headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Olympia Fields, IL, Francorp, Inc. has 12 offices in nine countries.

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