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Empowering positions as business owners allow mothers to attain a work-life balance
Press Release
: : 4 April, 2005

With an unstable and highly competitive job market, more women are finding an unlikely source for lucrative incomes that empower them as individuals: franchise ownership.

From diverse backgrounds and with varied skills and bank accounts, many women are creating their own success stories and setting examples for their children with franchises. Their stories can be found on Franchise Solutions' new website Here, prospective business owners can read about women who have taken control of their lives by running their own businesses.

Franchise ownership has proven to be a great alternative for many moms who have been out of the work force for a while, or who desire a flexible schedule as they begin their families.

Among such women is Amy Linn, who at age 27 opened her PrideStaff employment agency in Dallas in 2000. Linn embarked on her new career with a background in human resources but without any experience owning a business. With the support of her husband and the PrideStaff home office, Linn became a franchisee.

Linn, the mother of two children, reflected on the balance she has maintained between family and her business, "I am living proof that a woman can be a mom and have a successful business. On my newborn's due date, the Dallas 100 awards, a prestigious award that is presented to the city's top businesses, was presented and my business was on the list. That was very symbolic for me and I know that the balance I have between my family and career is perfect! I can't think of another career where I could have time for my family and have a successful business."

Lori Nielson has a very different story to tell. Nielson was looking for a business that gave her instant flexibility in her schedule to raise her children, had strong branding which stood out from the rest of the competition, and would please customers with exceptional service and equipment.

Planet Beach, a tanning salon franchise, met and exceeded her requirements.

Nielson commented, "I opened my Planet Beach franchise when my son was one and a half years old. He had a play space at the salon, and it worked out well. My schedule is flexible and I am now taking time off for my newborn. It's all about getting good staff in place."

Many franchises offer their new franchisees thorough training, so previous business ownership and industry experience is not necessary. Sally Kinsbursky was not an interior designer when she began her search for a business to own. Kinsbursky discovered Interiors by Decorating Den, an interior design franchise, in 1994 and knew it was right for her.

She said, "Decorating Den is a wonderful business to own while raising children. Immediately, I had the flexibility I needed. When my children were young, I did 95% of my paperwork in the evening when they were sleeping. It worked out really well for me."

The Corona, Calif.-based business that Kinsbursky started at a desk in her master bedroom, now 10 years later occupies a 2,000-square-foot studio.

"This is the kind of business you can grow and ease into as you become more comfortable and confident," she says.

Learn more about Amy, Lori, and Sally, read other women’s business buying stories, and choose which franchise might be right for you to own by visiting

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