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Pioneer in Franchise Recruitment Poised for Growth
Press Release
: : 5 February, 2005

Franchise Solutions announces that it has been acquired by Landmark Communications, Inc. The acquisition, which includes both the Franchise Solutions and FranchiseBuyer businesses, signals the long-time franchise marketing services leader's commitment to its continued growth and improvement on behalf of its valued clients.

Franchise Solutions grew from a small startup in 1993 to pioneer online lead generation for franchisors, helping to shape a prevailing franchise marketing trend from the mid-1990's through today. Since 2000, the company has grown substantially through continued innovation in online lead generation, the launch of its franchise sales brokerage company, FranchiseBuyer, and the introduction of its Professional Services division, a franchise-focused advertising agency.

Matt Alden, President and a 10-year veteran with Franchise Solutions, will continue his leadership and is looking to leverage Landmark Communication's significant resources and multiple media businesses to create dramatic growth for the company. "With the combination of a terrific team and our valued clients, I'm pleased at what we've accomplished in recent years. With the acquisition by Landmark Communications, we are now truly poised to take Franchise Solutions and FranchiseBuyer to the next level, and this translates first to enabling more growth for our clients."

For Landmark Communications, the acquisition provides a solid foundation in the high growth franchise marketing and sales industry. Michael Alston, Vice President of New Ventures and Corporate Development, commented, "We are very excited about the prospects for Franchise Solutions and FranchiseBuyer, given how effective they have been at recruiting franchisees for their clients. This allows us to build on our growing base of Internet advertising and direct marketing businesses."

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Franchise Solutions, Inc.
Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Franchise Solutions has been delivering results-focused marketing services to several hundred franchisors for the past 12 years. The company offers a wide range of services including online advertising and lead-generation across its network of Internet properties, SalesLead Pro prospect qualification programs, web site design/development, sales literature design/production/printing, direct email, and direct mail for both franchise recruitment and local franchisee marketing. Franchise
Solutions is a long-standing member of the IFA Supplier Forum. For more
information on the company, visit

Landmark Communications, Inc.
Landmark Communications is a privately held multimedia company with national and international interests in newspapers, broadcasting, cable programming, database marketing, trade shows, wireless broadband, online marketplaces, education, and other areas. Landmark, based in Norfolk, VA, employs more than 5,000 people in 24 states.

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Franchise Solutions Inc.
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Michael Alston
Landmark Communications, Inc.


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