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Press Release
: : 04 November, 2003


Portsmouth, New Hampshire (November 3, 2003) - Kathryn Tito, an experienced marketing professional, was recently named Internet Marketing Manager at Franchise Solutions Corp., a complete franchise marketing solutions provider that maintains a network of web sites dedicated to bringing together prospective franchisees with franchise opportunities, as well as providing prospects with information and resources to make the business buying experience easier. Tito brings to the position over 13 years of high-tech strategic marketing experience with concentrations in market validation, product strategy, and sales enablement programs.

"Kathy brings to Franchise Solutions a great combination of web site usability expertise and a results-driven understanding of the Internet landscape. Her dedication to positioning our Internet properties as a valuable resource to prospective buyers is already paying dividends for Franchise Solutions' advertisers," stated Matt Alden, General Manager of Franchise Solutions Corporation.

Alden continued, "We look forward to Kathy's continued contributions playing a key role in further distinguishing Franchise Solutions as the quality provider of franchise lead generation and sales origination services to the franchisor marketplace."

Tito commented, "I'm thrilled to be a part of such a market-driven organization. Every member of the Franchise Solutions team strives to exceed client expectations, and to respond quickly to shifts in market conditions."

Kathryn Tito has served in various marketing roles for technology vendors including UNIFI Communications, INFINIUM, LUMAPATH, SchlumbergerSema, and IntelliCare. She was part of the market validation team that helped raise $175 million in financing for UNIFI. While at LUMAPATH, Tito led a brand-building initiative, which included re-naming the organization and its flagship product, and establishing its market position. In 2001, she was given an Outstanding Contribution award from SchlumbergerSema for her work to support the launch of a Unified Communications solution.

"It's a privilege to work with such dedicated people here at Franchise Solutions," said Tito.

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Franchise Solutions
Franchise Solutions is celebrating its 10th year in business delivering results-focused marketing services to several hundred franchisors. The company offers a wide range of services including online advertising and lead-generation across its network of Internet properties. The network includes partnerships with prominent Internet properties including USA Today, Yahoo, Black Enterprise, Hispanic Business, and PowerOne Media. Franchise Solutions also provides the franchise industry with a full-array of marketing services including direct mail, web site design and maintenance, print advertisements, and the company's proprietary automated prospect qualification system, SalesLead Pro. Franchise Solutions is a long-standing member of the IFA Supplier Forum.

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