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Press Release
: : 21 August, 2003


Franchise industry experts from around the country were recently invited to speak at a National Franchising Summit hosted by FranchiseBuyer, LLC in Keystone, Colorado. The event, which starts on August 20, runs through August 24, and brings together franchise consultants and vendors from around the country to meet with senior level executives from many prominent, national franchise companies. Topics of discussion include franchise sales and development.

“This is a great opportunity for me to talk with the top level people within some very interesting franchise companies… learn what their current development challenges are and share some of the experience I’ve gained over the years,” said Jim Conway, a prominent franchise industry expert and one of the speakers at the event. “It’s a great learning experience for everyone involved. It’s really amazing how some of these franchise companies are leveraging today’s latest technologies in their development and operations.”

The event sponsor, FranchiseBuyer, is a franchise consulting service that matches highly qualified prospective franchisees with equally high quality franchise opportunities. FranchiseBuyer is a wholly owned subsidiary of Franchise Solutions Corp., a ten year old franchise marketing firm based in Portsmouth, NH.

“Having Jim and the other speakers attend our Franchising Summit and speak to the attendees is wonderful,” said Marc A. Kiekenapp, Executive Vice President of FranchiseBuyer. “Our speakers all have many years of experience in the area of franchise development and their participation will make our event that much more successful.”

Kiekenapp goes on to say, “The public is responding to FranchiseBuyer’s services very positively. As we all know, corporate America has been downsizing its payrolls for the past five years or so, starting with the implosion of the “dot com” industry. Literally tens of thousands of former employees are exploring business ownership as their new career.”

Franchises are gaining popularity with entrepreneurs and customers alike, growing at incredible rates as Kiekenapp explained, “Since franchised businesses now account for over 40% of the retail trade in America, it is natural for business seekers to explore the wide variety of options with the franchise industry to find their next career. As a result of these changes, FranchiseBuyer is very busy helping people evaluate various aspects of their lives in order to match their goals, objectives, resources, family situation, location, skill sets, and personal interests with the offerings of a variety of excellent business opportunities. We find that our program is indeed helping many people find happiness in a well-matched business that will enable them to make a positive career change and continue to provide for their families financially.”

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FranchiseBuyer is the result of a belief at FranchiseSolutions, the parent company, that it is well positioned and experienced to elevate the level of its service, on a selective basis, to both the best prospective franchise buyers and high quality franchisors. By combining decades of franchise operations and recruitment experience with years of leadership in delivering franchise information online, FranchiseBuyer is uniquely qualified to be a full-service resource throughout the franchise buying process.

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