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Press Release
: : 7 April, 2003


Portsmouth, NH based Franchise Solutions has announced that SalesLead Pro, the company’s prospect qualification program, has proven itself to be an effective tool in franchisors’ searches for qualified prospects.

“After using it for a little more than a month, I am already recommending it to others! We are really delighted with SalesLead Pro, and are already close to closing several deals because of it,” explained Steve Siegel, Former IFA Chairman and Current COO and CFO for KaBloom Ltd., a leading floral franchisor committed to bringing fresh flowers into the daily lives of Americans.

Siegel continued, “Before SalesLead Pro, when we got Internet leads we didn’t know who was qualified and who wasn’t. We took a quick look at the information they provided and if they were interested in a location that appealed to us, we sent them an information packet. For the most part, we didn’t have time for follow-up phone calls to learn more about that person. We’ve been receiving 100 leads a week and with SalesLead Pro the number of qualified leads is extraordinary. There’s a full form which can be filled out at any point during the message sending process and it has successfully allowed us to find out more than we ever have been able to find out about our Internet leads in the past.”

With SalesLead Pro, prospects receive a series of email messages which have been expertly devised and designed by the creative team at Franchise Solutions, who not only has a multitude of creative experience but also numerous years of franchise industry experience. Messages are expertly tailored to give prospects a sense of culture and an accurate idea of the opportunity’s products and benefits. Designed to smoothly fit the look of the company’s web site and marketing materials, the messages effortlessly qualify prospects and collect necessary information from that individual, saving the franchisor time and money.

Siegel explained, “Prospects really seem to like receiving the messages because they can visualize what the concept looks like and what the people at the company look like, all while receiving information that feels personalized.”

The pros at Franchise Solutions make it easy for a company to set up their completely unique SalesLead Pro campaign. Siegel commented, “The entire creation process for our SalesLead Pro was efficiently handled by Franchise Solutions. In fact, they created a calendar with responsibilities and we stuck to it and they actually launched our campaign a week earlier than scheduled! The people at Franchise Solutions are easy to work with and extremely responsive. Their process is excellent.”

SalesLead Pro is effectively and efficiently assisting franchisors in qualifying leads that have, in the past, either been overlooked or have consumed lots of resources to qualify. Siegel said, “In just over a month, we have several deals in the works from leads we might have overlooked in the past. You can do the calculations - with a $30,000 franchise fee and several deals in the works already, our SalesLead Pro system will more than pay for itself in a very short period of time.”

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Franchise Solutions Corp.
Franchise Solutions is celebrating its 10th year in business delivering results-focused marketing services to several hundred franchisors. The Company offers a wide range of services including online advertising and lead-generation across its network of Internet properties, SalesLead Pro prospect qualification programs, web site design/development, sales literature design/production/printing, direct email, and direct mail for both franchise recruitment and local franchisee marketing. Franchise Solutions is a long-standing member of the IFA Supplier Forum.

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