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Press Release
: : 8 November, 2004

Between October 14 and 16, the Budapest Corvinus University hosted an important economic event. Based on the data registered during the International Franchise Expo and Conference it is obvious that 90 percent of the participants considered the event one of the most important business forums of the region. 92 percent of them indicated the willingness and intention of returning to the following, 2005 event, too.

Danil Fisher, Director of the American New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Inc. said that during the three days expo they entered into relation with 25 potential trading partners, which is an important business success. He is of the opinion that Budapest can become a suitable center of the yearly franchise exhibitions. They were particularly happy with the fact that besides the Hungarian visitors their stand was visited by several foreign guests as well.

Sandra Mikulic, representative of the American Subway Int. who met around 60 businessmen and women during the Show, said that it was very useful for their worldwide franchise network to get introduced also to entrepreneurs of the region. They think it possible that Hungary is becoming the center of the region's franchise business.

Mr. Francis Prantounas, representative of the Greek SAM 0-13 children's wear company came to the event with the aim of finding a master franchisee. The Expo offered them the opportunity to create contacts and to distribute the necessary company information to the targeted business groups. They were rather content that besides Hungarians also Austrian and Romanian businessmen visited their stand.

Dan Benton, European Expansion Manager of the US 'The Athlete’s Foot' negotiated with a lot of businessmen and considered successful their introduction. Mr. Benton declared that he was content with the extensiveness and colorfulness of the event, he said that Budapest was a suitable center and meeting point of the region's franchise business, particularly because he had talks with Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Russian, Turkish and Hungarian businessmen as well.

Mr. Csaba Hankó, regional Director of Weyergans High-Care AG. said that he counted on the arrival and participation of the representatives of the neighbouring countries. Some of their Croatian, Italian, Greek and Romanian visitors there were serious investors. He said he did not exclude the possibility that thanks to the business relations get during the Expo, some 4 or 5 new studios would be opened. Besides their profit orientation, Weyergans High-Care AG joined with pleasure the first Hungarian BuyBrand Show, since they too like to be "pioneers" in the field.

Otthon Centrum, a company that recently naturalized its franchise system, stressed the importance of the Budapest Expo in popularizing the franchise business in general.

Mrs Éva Czigány from 5 á Sec dry-cleaning service emphasized that the aim of their participation in the Show was the care of their image and the meeting with serious business partners. They had visitors from foreign countries, first of all from Romania. While she saw curious bur uncertain visitors around the other stands, 5 a Sec received business people with serious intention, for longer conversations. According to the exppert, Budapest is suitable to play the role of the region's franchise center. Their presence was succesful, they return next year too.

Two days after the Budapest event, DAKEXPO Ltd, organiser of the first Hungarian Buybrand Show and Franchise Expo represented the Budapest Show at the Valencia franchise expo in Spain, one of the biggest franchise events in Europe. In 2005 DAKEXPO Ltd will be present with individual stand in the most important expositions of the business, in Athens, London ann Washington, to represent the Budapest expo and partners.

In October next year Budapest will host again the most important franchise event in Central and Eastern Europe, the second Hungarian BuyBrand Show.

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First Hungarian BuyBrand Show and International Franchise Expo
The first Hungarian BuyBrand Show and International Franchise Expo and Conference came to an end with a spectacular success. In the event more than 50 companies were represented. Besides the Hungarian firms there were 8 companies coming from the US and 18 from the EU countries. The number of people showing interest in the franchise business was 3000. Among the visitors of the event, there were not only Hungarians but a considerable number of people from the neighbouring countries and Western Europe.

DAKEXPO Kft. was founded in 2003 with the aim of stimulating franchise business methods in Hungary by organising business events. The co-owners of DAKEXPO are Dr. Katalin Mandel, of Hungary and Dennis Klein of Canada. Dr. Mandel is well known by organising the Royal Diamond Business Club events, while Dennis Klein is a founder of Canada's most successful franchise network. DAKEXPO is a member of the International Franchise Association.

Dr. Katalin Mandel
Managing Director
1121 Budapest, Kútvölgyi út 68.
Tel: 00 361 274 5186


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