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Press Release
: : 1 October, 2004

Between October 14 and 16 the Budapest Franchise Expo offers concrete business opportunities and well developed business models for the participants. In the event, more than fifty exhibitors will invite entrepreneurs, SMEs to join their successful business network. Some exhibitors are ready to help the establishment of the new franchise units by offering credit facilities assistance. Among the participants there will be both Hungarian and foreign based networks.

Katalin Mandel, Managing Director of DAKEXPO Ltd, organiser of the event says that one of the great advantages of the franchise system is the relatively low risk of starting the business. While more than 50 percent of the new entreprises cannot survive the first few years, the case of the franchise network new members is different, the above mentioned ratio remains below 5 percent. The franchise systems are characterized by the approved brand name, the proved market success and the entrepreneurial freedom inside the network. An entreprise within a franchise network can be launched with a minimum investment. Being aware of the above facts, there is a considerable number of interesed firms, not only from the exhibitors' side but also from the side of the entrepreneurs.

During the three-days expo, on 47 stands, the exhibitors will present the opportunities of franchise business, the information on qualification and investment requirements and the results of the fuctioning franchise entreprises. Besides the franchisors, there will also be present business consulting firms, offering their services for launching a new entreprise.

Balla Shareholders Company established the "Bornívó" franchise network for wine trade. Mr István Balla, CEO of the Company says that they give a regular and significant professional assistance for the new franchisees. "Balla S.C. displays also a wine producing activity, consequently they can transmit for their partners valuable production experience as well. In the wine profession it is very important to have a thorough knowledge of the product, without this the tradesman will never gain the client's trust. Thus, we are aware of the fact that we must give regular assistance for our partners in order to maintin our high quality service also within an extended structure or network. This assistance is given also in the commercial aspect of business, we place regularly at our partners' disposal the updated list of the actual market demand. This way they can make the most competitive offer for their clients." The Bornívó network is actually composed of three functioning commercial units and one further unit will start operating in the near future. The network is characterized by an extraordinary profit making capability which, considering also the notoriety, decreases significantly the risk of the new partners.

Although Duna House Franchise Ltd. initiated its activity in the Hungarian real estate market in 1998, the franchise system started operating only in the first quarter of 2003, after several years of preparatory work aimed at shaping the system to the Hungarian market and business conditions. The result of this work is a network which offers high quality services, open to be joint by new partners even without large investment. "Our partners can join a well developed and functioning network, with moderate capital investment and with the opportunity of gaining high profit" says Kinga Szalay Franchise Director. "Our slogan is: Share with us the success! We hand over the professional and commercial experience in a transparent system, developed in all details. The basis of our business experience was first created in the second hand apartments' market, which contributed to develop it in a high quality real estate service." The Duna House network made the most important development in the field of the Hungarian real estate market: in the last 18 months the network was enlarged with 17 new franchise offices.

Future franchise partners of Eurotankomat Ltd are offered an extraordinary business opportunity. The AUTOTANK brand named automatic gas stations franchise network can also be joint by entrepreneurs having no experience in the gas-filling profession. "The opportunity offered by us can be an ideal solution for those who have entrepreneurial and management experience and would like to start a new business beside the existing one." says Katalin Karkó, managing director of Eurotankomat Ltd." According to the best international practice, a professional team will support the entrepreneurs of the network, starting from the execution, service and tele-survey to the fuel supply. Naturally we undertake the task of designing and arranging the permit procedure as well for our partners." The automatic gas stations started operating in Sweden in 1964. In the past decades the network was developed not only technologically but service and contractual relations were also established for the operation of the gas stations. "We would like to enlarge the AUTOTANK network in the frame of a franchise system, taking into consideration maximally the interests of the entrepreneurs." explains Zoltán Orgován, co-managing director of Eurotankomat Ltd. "We guarantee the lowest possible cost price and low operational costs for the members of our franchise network. Above all, our partners gain a market characterized by a rapidly growing and faithful clientele.

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First Hungarian BuyBrand Show and International Franchise Expo
The first Hungarian BuyBrand Show and International Franchise Expo to be held between October 14 and 16 at the Corvinus University (former Budapest University of Economic Sciences) offers concrete business opportunities for the participants. More than fifty brand owners will be present in the expo as exhibitors, offering ready business models for entrepreneurs of different financial background and also for private persons wishing to start a business activity.

DAKEXPO Kft. was founded in 2003 with the aim of stimulating franchise business methods in Hungary by organising business events. The co-owners of DAKEXPO are Dr. Katalin Mandel, of Hungary and Dennis Klein of Canada. Dr. Mandel is well known by organising the Royal Diamond Business Club events, while Dennis Klein is a founder of Canada's most successful franchise network. DAKEXPO is a member of the International Franchise Association.

Dr. Katalin Mandel
Managing Director
1121 Budapest, Kútvölgyi út 68.
Tel: 00 361 274 5186


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