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Press Release
: : 2 July, 2003


Mr. Jay Christensen, Chairman of the Board of Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited is pleased to announce that the Board has appointed Mr. Barry Wolton as President and CEO of Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited. The appointment is effective immediately. Mr. Wolton replaces the late Mr. Brian Latham.

"The Board is in full agreement that Barry is the right person to lead the company to its next level of growth," says Christensen. "Barry has all the business tools, the knowledge, the track record and the vision to make Cinnaroll and its Cinnzeo and Baker Boys divisions the most successful in the company’s history."

Mr. Wolton has more than 23 years of experience in the restaurant and food management industry. He has been with Cinnaroll Bakeries for more than 11 years rising from the ranks in operations to Vice-President of Business Development and most recently as Vice-President. Mr. Wolton was instrumental in the development of Baker Boys concept and brand marketing. Internationally, Mr. Wolton spearheaded the expansion of Cinnzeo franchises in the United States, The Philippines, Southeast Asia and The Middle East.

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Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited
Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited is the parent company of Cinnzeo and Baker Boys. Cinnzeo is the world’s second largest franchisor of gourmet cinnamon roll bakeries. Its franchises are located in North America, the Philippines, Southeast Asia and The Middle East. Cinnaroll also operates Baker Boys, a 10,000 square foot commercial bakery specializing in the manufacture of frozen gourmet cinnamon rolls. Baker Boys sells to major retailers and food distributors across Canada and the United States. Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited is dedicated to providing a unique gourmet bakery experience through innovative marketing and creative management. Our brands are simple, focused and have global appeal.

Mr. Barry Wolton, President & CEO Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited (403) 255-4556
Mr. Neil Bousquet APR, Cinnaroll PR (403) 256-8834


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