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Press Release
: : 2 September, 2004

Industry expert Peter Birkeland, named by Fortune Small Business as one of the "Top Ten Minds in Small Business," is partnering with World Talk Radio to create, host, and produce an Internet Radio show on franchising.
"Peter Birkeland's Franchise Boot Camp" airs every Tuesday at 12:00 noon Pacific and explores franchising, one of the hottest trends in business.

"Franchising is immensely popular both here in the United States and globally," stated Michael Purdy, CEO of World Talk Radio. "We believe that the convenience and quality of Internet radio and Peter Birkeland's cutting-edge thinking will be valuable to a wide range of listeners, and we're delighted to have Peter Birkeland as our host."

The International Franchise Association estimates that more than 760,000 franchised businesses generated more than 18 million jobs and $1.53 trillion in total economic output. Despite the vast influence of franchising on the economy there is an unmet need in educating people about how franchising works.

"Franchising is a complex business model with a lot of nuances," says Birkeland, author of the book, Franchising Dreams, "and it's growing and changing so rapidly that it's difficult for most people to keep up." Birkeland's show is unique in Internet Radio and features some of the top industry experts, lawyers, and franchise executives today such as Anthony Spadaro of Mr. Goodburgers, Jim Liautaud of Jimmy John's, Gary Blumenthal of Vino100, and John Buckingham of Solana MedSpas.

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Peter Birkeland
Peter Birkeland is President of the Birkeland Institute, author of Franchising Dreams, and lecturer at the University of Chicago Graham School. He conducts a "Franchise Boot Camp" seminar in metropolitan areas around the country and via the Internet to educate and inform potential franchisees about the franchise business model.

World Talk Radio
World Talk Radio is a leader in Internet media with over 75 hosts, 80 programs, and 500,000 monthly listeners

Peter Birkeland
Birkeland Institute

Michael Purdy
World Talk Radio


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