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: : Jan - Jun 2005

Franchise owners wary of copycats. The failure to enforce legal protection against breaches of contract and violations of intellectual property rights is a key worry of foreign franchise owners seeking expansion in Thailand. .... [more] 27 Jun, 2005
Franchise fair attracts 180 despite slowdown. Despite the current economic uncertainty in Thailand, foreign franchise owners are still confident of the potential in the local market, as reflected by their enthusiasm to join Thailand Franchise and Business Opportunities 2005. .... [more] 23 Jun, 2005
Shin franchising satellite cinemas. Shin Broadband Internet is preparing to introduce a franchise system for its satellite entertainment format known as My Theatre, aiming to have 12 cinemas in major provinces by the end of this year. .... [more] 21 Jun, 2005
Pizza Corner to set up first foreign outlet. Pizza Corner India expects to go international by setting up its first outlet in Bangkok next month with an investment of Rs 3 million. .... [more] 15 Jun, 2005
Subway aims to have 140 outlets in five years. The American fast-food chain Subway plans to increase the number of its franchisee-owned sandwich shops in Thailand to 140 over the next five years. .... [more] 27 May, 2005
International fair to match franchisors with investors. Thailand Franchise and Business Opportunities 2005, the country's first international franchise exhibition, expects to attract 180 leading franchise owners from Thailand and neighbouring countries and draw at least 20,000 visitors. .... [more] 26 May, 2005
High-speed Net cafes for subway. Following yesterday’s signing of a three-year exclusive deal between True Corp Plc and Metro Mall Co Ltd, True will open its first True Station Internet cafe next month at the Sukhumvit subway station. .... [more] 26 May, 2005
Franchise failure a lesson. In mid-December last year, The M@sk was named Franchise of the Year by Manager newspaper. Two weeks later, most of its outlets began to close as the business unravelled. .... [more] 16 May, 2005
Good decisions lead to prosperity. The franchise business is booming in Thailand, judging from current growth trends and statistics. .... [more] 16 May, 2005
Garant Mobel chain aiming to open 500 shops in five years. The furniture franchising firm Garant Mobel (Thailand) Co has announced an ambitious plan to have 500 outlets within five years with sales of between three billion and five billion baht. .... [more] 27 Apr, 2005
Internet Cafes the Easy Way. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a computer geek to run an Internet shop, according to API Net Co, which offers an integrated franchising service. .... [more] 25 Apr, 2005
Bakeries, books, TV shopping added. C.P. Seven Eleven Plc plans to expand bakeries, bookshops and TV home shopping, along with three or four other complementary businesses as part of an ongoing project to increase operating efficiency. .... [more] 21 Apr, 2005
Timely tips for would-be franchisees. The number of franchised businesses has risen sharply in Thailand, especially since the economic crisis of 1997-98 as more people left salaried employment and set out to be their own bosses. But as with any endeavour, not every franchise succeeds. .... [more] 4 Apr, 2005

Castro opens franchises in Thailand, Latvia and Ukraine. Under Castro's overseas expansion plan, and following the three franchise agreements, 12 Castro and Castro Men pairs of stores will be opened in Thailand, Latvia, and Ukraine. .... [more] 20 Mar, 2005

Pizza Company sets sights on faster global expansion. Minor Food Group has set an ambitious goal to open at least 300 outlets of The Pizza Company in Asia within the next five years. .... [more] 18 Mar, 2005

Carrefour ready to take on rivals with small-store concept. Carrefour, the French hypermarket chain, plans to introduce a smaller store concept in Thailand as a direct challenge to fellow European rivals operating in Thailand. .... [more] 11 Mar, 2005

Prantalay set to franchise restaurants. Prantalay Marketing Co, a producer of frozen seafood and ready-to-eat seafood meals, is preparing to offer franchises to investors interested in operating restaurants in foreign countries. .... [more] 9 Mar, 2005

KPN Plus ends deal with city franchisee. KPN Plus Co, the operator of a franchise network of motorcycle parts stores, is set to terminate its franchise agreement with the operator of a store on Charoen Krung Road for breach of contract. .... [more] 5 Mar, 2005

Expansion budget doubled for '05. C.P. Seven Eleven Plc plans to spend 3.8 billion baht on business expansion in 2005. The expansion agenda includes a plan to open 450 new 7-Eleven convenience stores nationwide. .... [more] 3 Mar, 2005

Franchisees demand talks with owner of KPN Plus. Disgruntled franchisees of KPN Plus, a subsidiary of the listed KPN Automotive Plc, have demanded to meet the franchise owners who they say have the power to terminate or relax their franchise agreements. .... [more] 22 Feb, 2005

Franchisees of outlets want to end contracts. Franchisees of KPN Plus, a motorcycle parts retail chain, claim they have incurred large losses stemming from the company's failure to meet contract terms and want the agreements terminated. .... [more] 21 Feb, 2005

Tsutaya postpones listing plan on local market. Tsutaya (Thailand) Co, the local franchisee of the home-entertainment rental chain Tsutaya of Japan, has delayed its plan to list on the local stock market until early 2007. .... [more] 11 Feb, 2005

Commerce Ministry backs Thai franchises abroad. The Ministry of Commerce today announced a major drive to promote Thai franchises and indigenous brand names in the international marketplace. .... [more] 27 Jan, 2005

Kingfisher spreads wings east. Kingfisher, the owner of B&Q, is looking to Thailand and Malaysia as part of expansion plans for its DIY warehouse chain. .... [more] 21 Jan, 2005

Fifth overseas outlet set to be opened on Bali. Black Canyon Coffee, a Thai-owned restaurant and coffee house chain, plans to open its fifth overseas outlet on the Indonesian island of Bali. .... [more] 20 Jan, 2005

B3bn fund to be set up to help small businesses. Local bankers and capital market organisations are setting up a three-billion-baht venture capital fund to assist small businesses hit by the tsunami. .... [more] 6 Jan, 2005
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