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: : Jul-Dec 2002

Former franchisee sues NZ Post. Former NZ Post franchise holder Keith Elliott is taking the state-owned enterprise to court, alleging he suffered loss after wrongful cancellation of his franchise. .... [more] 23 Dec, 2002
Inghams wins KFC contract. The fast-food company Restaurant Brands says it will switch its chicken suppliers from 2004, reducing its costs by at least $5 million a year. .... [more] 17 Dec, 2002
Kwik Kopy case raises question of franchise. A bitter legal fight has effectively ended Kwik Kopy's New Zealand franchise operation. .... [more] 16 Dec, 2002
New Panel For Franchise Dispute Resolution. The Franchise Association has launched a major new initiative aimed at making it quicker and cheaper for franchisors and franchisees to settle disputes. .... [more] 16 Dec, 2002
RELATED - New Guide For Small Businesses. Standards New Zealand has launched a guide to encourage small business operators to improve the way they do business. .... [more] 12 Dec, 2002
New business advisory group runs into criticism. The Government wants to set up its own advisory panel of plumbers, dairy owners and other small-business operators - but does not want to hear all their concerns. .... [more] 11 Dec, 2002
KFC licks wounds, blames supplier. Sales in Restaurant Brands' staple brand KFC fell 4.4 per cent in the third quarter after problems with substandard chicken supplies led to a promotion being canned. .... 11 Dec, 2002
Ad ban for junk food floated. A ban on advertising junk food to children is being floated by the Health Ministry as it looks to revamp public health laws. .... 3 Dec, 2002
Top Franchising Perfomers Awarded. From the moment the lights dimmed and the sights and sounds of Grand Prix racing filled the auditorium it was clear that the New Zealand Franchise Awards were going to be all about High Performance. .... [more] 1 Dec, 2002
Kiwibank closes in on target. New Zealand Post will fall just short of opening 300 Kiwibank branches by Christmas, but will come close. .... [more] 27 Nov, 2002
Islanders' chance of lifetime. A business development organisation, Work and Income and a nationwide property maintenance franchise have joined forces to give a group of Aucklanders the chance to go into business for themselves. .... [more] 22 Nov, 2002
McDonald's beefs up local headquarters. Food giant McDonald's opens its new $10 million national headquarters in Freemans Bay, Auckland, tomorrow. .... [more] 20 Nov, 2002
Underweight salads cost KFC $13,000. Fast-food outlet KFC has been fined for selling underweight tubs of its products for the second time in five years. .... [more] 14 Nov, 2002
Franchise industry - award winners. Announcing the winners of the Franchise Association of New Zealand's (FANZ) annual awards, Robert Fowler, Chairman of FANZ, says the Franchise Awards are the premier franchising event of the year, celebrating excellence in franchising. .... [more] 4 Nov, 2002
Fast track to success. Fastway Couriers' enthusiasm for tackling international markets has brought it success at this year's Franchise Awards. .... [more] 4 Nov, 2002
Tiny Kiwibank bites at the heels of ANZ, Westpac. Kiwibank says it is gaining many customers from ANZ and Westpac, a claim rubbished by the big banks. .... [more] 4 Nov, 2002
NZ Franchisees Defend Kwik Kopy Case. The lawyer for three small businessmen fighting the Australasian arm of an international copy centre franchise told the High Court at Auckland last week its operations in this country had been "stigmatised by failure." .... [more] 1 Nov, 2002
ANZ signs union deal. The Finance Sector Union and ANZ have signed a collective employment agreement covering 1900 staff. .... [more] 26 Oct, 2002
DB Breweries buys 7 Liquorlands. NZ Liquor has agreed to sell the stores to DB, which owns the 72-store Liquorland franchise, by February next year. .... [more] 23 Oct, 2002
Dymocks makes up for lost time. As the dust settles on a bitter four-year legal battle with a former franchise-holder, bookseller Dymocks has shed the baggage and declared itself determined to almost triple its New Zealand market share within three years. .... [more] 18 Oct, 2002
Kwik Kopy Goes To Court. A lawsuit pitting three small businessmen against the Australasian arm of an international copy centre franchise kicked off this week in the High Court at Auckland. .... [more] 18 Oct, 2002
Expansion eats into fast food operator's profits. Fast food operator Restaurant Brands has blamed its expansion into Australia for a steep drop in half-year profit. .... [more] 18 Oct, 2002
Mars Venus Coaching Comes to NZ. Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but it's franchisees from New Zealand that best-selling author Dr John Gray is turning his attention to next. .... [more] 16 Oct, 2002

Harvey rubbishes Watson's claim. Eric Watson doubts Aussie retail giant Harvey Norman has ever made a buck in New Zealand. That's rubbish, retorts Gerry Harvey, the company's ebullient chairman and major shareholder. .... 13 Oct, 2002
WestpacTrust boss seeks Kiwibank talks. Talks with Kiwibank are high on the list of early jobs for WestpacTrust's new chief, and the state-owned banking newcomer says it welcomes an approach. .... [more] 12 Oct, 2002
RELATED - NZ small businesses on the rebound, outperform wider economy. New Zealand's small businesses outperformed the rest of the economy in the first half of the year, according to National Bank's Small Business Monitor released today. .... 11 Oct, 2002
Brand ignites a classic flame in Kiwi tastebuds. When American-born Dennis Jones first popped his head into New Zealand, the flame-grilled flavour could be found only on the summer barbecue. .... [more] 10 Oct, 2002
Watchdog to check out Kiwibank's loan pledge. Kiwibank's much-touted mortgage guarantee will come under the spotlight of a Commerce Commission probe after a complaint from a competitor. .... [more] 9 Oct, 2002
Revealed: best and worst banks. Our worst banks have been revealed in a new survey that shows ANZ customers are the unhappiest in the country. .... 6 Oct, 2002
ANZ staff talk action over new structure. ANZ staff, fearful that the bank's new franchising regime may undermine their collective contract, will today discuss industrial action. .... [more] 4 Oct, 2002
Window Maintenance 'Exceeds' Expectations. Exceed Window Maintenance brings a new name and new colour to a popular franchise. .... [more] 30 Sep, 2002
Franchisors Must Show Revenue Streams. Franchisors who hide their revenue streams create suspicion and mistrust. That's the verdict of one of the country's top franchise consultants. .... [more] 23 Sep, 2002
E-tailer goes for bricks and mortar. Loss-making internet retailer Beauty Direct plans to build a franchise network of retail outlets as it pursues a new business model that leaves its pure-internet roots behind. .... [more] 20 Sep, 2002
Kiwibank makes little impact on banking market. Kiwibank seems to be picking up mainly low-value customers and might have signed up fewer than 1000 mortgages in six months, making it a puny rival even for the other New Zealand-owned bank, TSB Bank. .... 20 Sep, 2002
Fastfood group's staple diet reaps results. Coffee and fast food are the winning recipe for Restaurant Brands as the company announced another solid increase in quarterly sales. .... [more] 18 Sep, 2002
Kiwibank's losses on target. State-owned Kiwibank made a planned-for loss to the end of June of $10.2 million, and says its 60,000th customer will join this weekend. .... [more] 14 Sep, 2002
Record Entry For Franchise Awards. Competition is hotting up for NZ's top franchise honours. The organisers of the New Zealand Franchise Awards have received a record number of entries from franchisees and franchisors all round the country. .... [more] 12 Sep, 2002
Banks likely to match Kiwibank's mortgage move. Banks will be forced to respond to Kiwibank's guarantee that it would offer the cheapest mortgage for the next six years, Consumers' Institute chief executive David Russell says. .... 10 Sep, 2002
Banking lecturer dubious about Kiwibank home loan plans. Kiwibank's promises to refund differences in home loan costs to its customers who prove they could get a better deal elsewhere sounds more "hype than substance" to Massey University's banking expert David Tripe. .... 9 Sep, 2002
Kiwibank begins mortgage assault. Kiwibank is guaranteeing its home loan deals will better any other major bank in New Zealand over the next six years in a bid to lure customers from the big five. .... [more] 9 Sep, 2002
Avis seeks okay to buy Budget NZ. The US parent company of rental car firm Avis is seeking Commerce Commission approval to buy the New Zealand business of rival Budget as part of a multi-country takeover. .... [more] 6 Sep, 2002
Top Franchise Website Re-Launched. NZ's top franchise website ( has been re-launched to provide potential franchise buyers with easier access to vital information on franchise opportunities and advice about buying a franchise. .... [more] 16 Aug, 2002
Briscoe sales booming. A buoyant retail market boosted Briscoe Group sales by 17.2 per cent for the three months to July 31. .... 14 Aug, 2002
Kiwibank goes on attack over rates. Kiwibank yesterday dropped its home loan rates and claimed other banks were overcharging customers. .... 10 Aug, 2002
NZ's Largest Franchise Expo. People often have the intention to explore the idea of starting their own business, or to gain further ideas on how to help their business grow. The question is "Where do I start looking?" .... [more] 9 Aug, 2002
Sitting on a home-grown winner. An attempt at franchising did not work for Homesit NZ, so managing director Liz Bradley has a new approach. .... [more] 26 Jul, 2002
Asians swell ranks of top pie makers. Increasing numbers of Asian bakeries have boosted entries in the Bakels Supreme Pie Awards to record levels. .... [more] 26 Jul, 2002
ANZ 'Franchise' Logical Step For Sector. The announcement last week by ANZ that it is to introduce a franchise model to its network of branches marks the next logical step for the financial industry in New Zealand. .... [more] 23 Jul, 2002
Workshop To Help Resolve Disputes. A workshop being held in Auckland next month aims to help franchisors and franchisees resolve disputes quickly and cheaply through mediation. .... [more] 12 Jul, 2002
Call For Kiwi Franchises To Export More. Government-led initiatives have created a strong franchise market with huge export potential for Singapore, says franchise consultant Albert Kong. New Zealand could also benefit from such positive input. .... [more] 9 Jul, 2002
Harcourts stake changes hands. Christchurch-based chairman Stephen Collins has sold his 54 percent controlling shareholding in Harcourts to the managing director Mike Green and executive director Paul Wright, giving them full ownership. .... 19 Jul, 2002
Burger ad proves a Whopper. A new television campaign for Burger King was created in Henderson, features the Himalayas and will be screened all over Asia and the Pacific. .... [more] 18 Jul, 2002
Burger King deal fulfils dream. Auckland entrepreneur Dennis Jones has captured control of Burger King New Zealand, cleaning out other shareholders in a deal understood to be worth up to $30 million. .... [more] 6 Jul, 2002
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