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: : Jul-Dec 2001

Kiwibank cost unrest. Franchise holders rebel. .... 31 Dec, 2001
Pero a winner. Mike Pero Mortgages has won the Christchurch regional award at the Franchise Association's Business Awards. .... 14 Nov, 2001
Prospering In Fertile Soils. According to the latest Survey of Franchising, the Lower North Island is one of the largest franchising areas in the country. .... [more] 7 Nov, 2001
Clear lands Restaurant Brands. Clear Communications has provided fast food operator Restaurant Brands with a 160-seat centralised call centre in Auckland. .... 1 Nov, 2001
Sale of KFC sites could raise $45m. Restaurant Brands is selling 51 of its 87 KFC stores for an expected $45 million. .... [more] 1 Nov, 2001
McDonald's says no to motorway noise at HQ. Eliminating motorway traffic noise from the new McDonald's headquarters building in Freemans Bay was one of the design briefs for the job. .... [more] 30 Oct, 2001
Video rental - the law of fast-diminishing returns. They may be a cheap $29.95 at The Warehouse, but for video store owners the cassettes on which their livelihoods depend are pure gold. .... [more] 30 Oct, 2001
Video stores await DVD parallel import ruling. A High Court judge has been asked to decide whether video stores can legally hire out parallel-imported DVDs. .... [more] 27 Oct, 2001
Video owners tactics bring business. The video store owner who made headlines this week after grabbing his movies from an unoccupied home says the experience has boosted business - but he vows his breaking and entering days are over. .... [more] 27 Oct, 2001
Video store owner gets a better offer. The video store owner who will pay up to $1000 in security costs after entering a home to retrieve overdue movies has received a sympathetic offer of help. .... [more] 26 Oct, 2001
Video grab costs owner $1000. An Auckland video store owner, who entered an empty Devonport home to retrieve overdue movies, will have to pay at least $1000 to increase security at the home. .... [more] 25 Oct, 2001
Scraps buffet family dining chain. Buffet chain Valentines has denied disharmony is on its menu because of restaurant closures and a legal scrap with its South Auckland franchisee. .... [more] 20 Oct, 2001
Redundancies Fuel Business Enquiries. Redundancies and the fear of being laid-off has fuelled a sudden interest in business opportunities. .... [more] 20 Oct, 2001
Hydraulics company buys Australian rival. An Auckland hydraulics company has bought out a Sydney competitor as part of expansion into Australia. .... 10 Oct, 2001
Court freezes United Video sale cash. The High Court has frozen payment from the sale of franchise chain United Video after a claim that its former owners used liquidation to avoid paying a court-ordered damages bill of $553,000. .... [more] 2 Oct, 2001
Restaurants find recipe for sales. Restaurant Brands yesterday reported sales through its Pizza Hut, KFC and Starbucks chains of $60.5 million for the 12 weeks to September 10, up from $53 million last year. .... [more] 18 Sep, 2001
Firm out to track down hot doughnut shop spots. Finding premises for 20 to 30 new Dunkin' Donuts outlets throughout Auckland is just one of the jobs for a new property firm. .... [more] 18 Sep, 2001
DVD battle set to go to court. The country's biggest video rental chain is going to court to try to end a three-year battle over who has the right to distribute videos and DVDs in New Zealand. .... 11 Sep, 2001
Video nasty on shelf of opportunity. In what franchising experts are hailing as a landmark case, an Auckland couple have been awarded more than $550,000 following a video franchisor misrepresenting the turnover and profitability of the business. .... [more] 8 Sep, 2001
Grease-Eating Bugs Cleaning Up. Franchising in New Zealand has moved into a whole new area with the launch of Environmental Bio-Solutions this month. .... [more] 4 Sep, 2001
Cock & Bull story with a happy ending. The Cock & Bull pub and brewery, now a thriving business, is eyeing up a move into franchising. .... [more] 31 Aug, 2001
Coffee prices drop but the bean counters milk profits. Coffee is the cheapest it has been since 1973, but do not expect to pay less for your latte or flat white. .... [more] 30 Aug, 2001
Partial Victory For Internet Franchisees. Thirteen New Zealand franchisees have won a partial victory against Worldsites International, a Canada-based franchisor they say ripped them off. .... [more] 29 Aug, 2001
'No Shake-Out' in Home Services. The purchase of the Home Rangers franchise by lawncare specialists Crewcut does not herald a shake-out in the franchise sector, says Crewcut owner David Serville. .... [more] 23 Aug, 2001

Freedom posts a profit after years of hard slog. After six years of trying, Australian homeware chain Freedom has finally turned a profit in New Zealand. .... [more] 23 Aug, 2001
Stirling Sports defies Adidas edict. A large sports store chain is defying a warning from Adidas that it will stop supplying shops that sell a line of rugby jersey marketed by its rival, Canterbury. .... 22 Aug, 2001
Hire A Hubby Scrubs Up. From humble beginnings, a home handyman franchise has become so popular, it has difficulty coping with all the applications from people interested in becoming franchisees. .... [more] 16 Aug, 2001
Franchising Catches On In NZ Market. Stewart Germann is passionate about franchising. The Auckland lawyer and past chairman of the Franchising Association of New Zealand has seen the concept expand dramatically in the last two decades. .... [more] 16 Aug, 2001
Franchisor V Franchisee In Worldsites. Thirteen New Zealanders are battling a gagging order barring them from criticising Worldsites International, a Canadian-based franchisor they say ripped them off. .... [more] 16 Aug, 2001
Franchise Survey Shows Continued Sector Growth. The 2001 Franchising Association of New Zealand Survey of Franchising shows 16% growth per annum of franchise start-ups in New Zealand, with 768 new units opening in the 12 months prior to the survey. .... [more] 13 Aug, 2001
INTEREST - It's open all hours for some shops. Shop doors could soon be allowed to open on Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Anzac Day morning in tourist towns and holiday resorts as the Government grapples with anomalies in present shop trading laws. .... [more] 7 Aug, 2001
Chips drip profits for some. The humble spud is the centre of a growing stoush, with New Zealand potato farmers arguing they're being "short-changed" while fast-food giants McDonalds, KFC and Burger King reap vast profits from selling chips. .... 2 Aug, 2001
Wireless data service extending. Walker Wireless' deal to provide a wireless data service for 200 outlets of franchise operator Restaurant Brands will be followed next year by rollouts of wireless data access to rural communities. .... 2 Aug, 2001
Restaurant Brands profit drops. Fast food operator Restaurant Brands reported a drop in net first half profit to $6.0 million from $7.4 million for the same period last year. .... 24 Jul, 2001
McCafe culture comes to town. Coffee in china cups, quiche, sandwiches, and cloth-covered seats - Lower Hutt's McDonald's franchise has joined New Zealand's modern cafe society. .... 7 Jul, 2001
Baker shows way to make dough. Fast-growing bread chain Bakers Delight is looking for another 22 franchisees to almost double the number of its New Zealand outlets within 12 months. .... 6 Jul, 2001
Franchise Shop will give guiding hand to local startups. A Franchise Shop selling expertise for growth in home-grown franchised businesses has opened in Auckland to give the booming New Zealand industry a springboard into international markets. .... 6 Jul, 2001
Auckland gets a Lone Star Bar franchise all of its very own. Auckland's first franchised Lone Star Bar and Café opens tonight ­ with former New Zealand Olympian Mark Keddell among five young people behind the venture. .... 6 Jul, 2001
Neglect protection of brand at your peril. Picking a distinctive name or brand for a franchise is important to business success ­ but properly protecting it can be even more vital, says intellectual property lawyer Rosemary Wallis. .... 6 Jul, 2001
Legislation is tipped to put a stop to shonky operators. The government will inevitably bring in legislation to control franchising if the number of people losing money to unscrupulous operators increases as the industry grows, warns specialist franchise lawyer Stewart Germann. .... 6 Jul, 2001
Awareness week helps to find reliable business. The Franchise Association of New Zealand this week began an awareness campaign to attract more people into the fast-growing $6.5 billion industry. .... 6 Jul, 2001
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