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Foreign retail giants to be regulated. Impending regulations governing foreign investment in the retail sector are expected to bring an end to the circumvention techniques some big international names have used to break into the Chinese market. .... [more] 10 Nov, 2003
Jinjiang International to franchise budget hotels. China's largest tourism conglomerate, Jinjiang International Holdings Co Ltd, is to franchise its budget hotel arm, Jinjiang Inns, in its bid to expand nationwide. .... [more] 30 Sep, 2003
McDonald's Serves Up Homegrown Flavor in China Ads. McDonald's Corp unveiled on Thursday television advertisements starring a popular Chinese singer as it seeks to expand and head off stiff competition in the world's most populous nation. .... [more] 25 Sep, 2003
McDonald's hungry for China franchises. McDonald's Corp is counting on China legalizing franchise outlets next year, hoping the business strategy that made it the world's largest hamburger chain will help it dominate the country's US$48 billion fast-food market. .... [more] 10 Sep, 2003
Franchising becomes popula in China. The country's growing affluence and status as the world's biggest consumer market have attracted many foreign established brands to open franchised stores in China. .... [more] 4 Sep, 2003
Cosmetics wholesaler to open franchise. SaSa, a popular cosmetics franchise in Hong Kong, is expected to appear on the streets of Shanghai next summer. .... [more] 3 Sep, 2003
Zegna in mainland sales push. You would expect to find one of Italy's finest clothiers in just about every major fashion capital of the world. This month, however, Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang in northwestern China, will be home to the latest Ermenegildo Zegna outlet. .... [more] 1 Sep, 2003
China adopts law to curb government power. A new law enacted by China's top legislature aims to remove much of the red tape associated with running businesses, and remove loopholes for corrupt officials to make money from issuing licenses and franchise rights. .... [more] 28 Aug, 2003
IKEA's low-price strategy remains. Swedish home furnishing producer IKEA said it will maintain its low-price strategy and planned to open another two new stores in China in the new financial year. .... [more] 27 Aug, 2003
McDonald's China franchise to launch Shanghai IPO. Sanyuan Foods, holder of McDonald's franchises in Beijing and booming Guangdong province, said on Monday it would launch China's first initial public offering linked to an international fast-food name. .... [more] 25 Aug, 2003
Supermarket king eyes 570 new stores. China's biggest retail-chain operator, Lianhua Supermarket, said yesterday it would invest more than 400 million yuan (US$48.3 million) to open about 570 new stores in the second half of the year. .... [more] 22 Aug, 2003
Franchising laws on the cards. Long-awaited regulations on commercial franchising are likely to be unveiled before the end of this year, according to a senior official with the Ministry of Commerce. .... [more] 14 Aug, 2003
Taco Bell plans expansion in China. US fast food giant Yum Brands, parent of Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken, plans to expand operations in China following the success of its first Taco Bell restaurant. .... [more] 14 Aug, 2003
Legal battle brews between Starbucks and Chinese coffee shop. Coffee chain giant Starbucks is at the centre of a brewing copyright row with Xingbake, a Shanghai coffee shop it claims has copied the US-based company's logo and name. .... [more] 6 Aug, 2003
Cherokee Inc. Facilitates Agreement for the Hot Kiss Brand in China. Hot Kiss, a leading American junior apparel and accessory brand, has entered into an exclusive international licensing agreement for mainland China with Zhejiang Xuege Fashion Co., Ltd. .... [more] 5 Aug, 2003
Health crowd warms to frozen yogurt. The company widely seen as responsible for popularizing frozen yogurt as a healthy snack food on the mainland is surprisingly a textile conglomerate that just happened to stumble onto the food processing business. .... [more] 31 Jul, 2003
Easier access to retail, distribution market urged. Prominent Hong Kong business people are calling for more specific concessions under the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement, including the removal of all limitations on franchising. .... [more] 17 Jul, 2003
HK people allowed to open stores in Guangdong. Hong Kong permanent residents of Chinese nationality will be allowed to set up individually-owned retail stores in Guangdong Province, but will not, however, be allowed to conduct franchising business. .... [more] 30 Jun, 2003
Restaurants, beauty saloons resume business in China after SARS. Latest statistics from the national information center indicate that by mid-June, 80 percent of restaurants and beauty saloons throughout China had resumed business, after temporary suspension due to the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak. .... [more] 29 Jun, 2003
SARS slows down China's retail sales. The SARS outbreak dented China's retail sales in May, the National Bureau of Statistics said Monday. .... [more] 17 Jun, 2003

Popeyes Chicken plans expansion in other countries. The opening of new restaurants in Mexico, China and Jamaica is already under way and is expected to continue over the next 10 years. .... [more] 17 Jun, 2003
China Seen Tightening Control Over Internet Cafes. China said on Tuesday it had given licenses to 10 local firms to open Internet cafe chains, a move analysts said was designed to squeeze out smaller players and tighten control of sensitive political information. .... [more] 10 Jun, 2003
McDonald's Raises Big Mac Prices in China. McDonald's has raised the price of its popular Big Mac hamburger in China by up to 4 percent, but denied a newspaper report Monday that suggested it was to cover SARS-related expenses. .... [more] 9 Jun, 2003
KUB gives up rights to A&W in HK and Philippines. KUB Malaysia Bhd has surrendered the franchise rights to develop and operate A&W restaurants in Hong Kong and the Philippines effective June 5. .... [more] 8 Jun, 2003
Asia's First Institute of Franchising Set up in China. Beijing Normal University recently set up an institute on franchising at its Zhuhai branch campus in south China's Guangdong province. .... [more] 6 Jun, 2003
Black Canyon freezes plan. The coffee-restaurant chain Black Canyon (Thailand) says it has suspended plans to expand into China due to the expected negative impact from Sars on the economy. .... [more] 30 May, 2003
China Unicom to open 700 Internet bars nationwide. China's second largest telecommunications provider China Unicom plans to set up a chain of 700 internet bars nationwide this year, the first to open in Shanghai in the coming months, state press reported today. .... [more] 30 May, 2003
Yum opens first Taco Bell in China. Will the Chinese take to tacos? That's the question Samuel Su is chewing over after opening the first Taco Bell outlet in the Middle Kingdom this week. .... [more] 23 May, 2003
Taiwanese turn to vendor carts during difficult economic times. With the rising tide of unemployment, franchising has been thrust into the limelight. .... [more] 16 May, 2003
Fried chicken franchises hatch new pecking order. In the midst of depressed sales, one fast-food chain in Taiwan has found a winning strategy to revamp its sales and expand on the cheap. .... [more] 9 May, 2003
Big Mac is cheapest in China. The cheapest Big Mac in the world can be bought in China, while the Swiss have to pay nearly four times as much for the same burger. .... [more] 24 Apr, 2003
SARS not stopping Thai Village in China. SARS or no SARS in China, Thai Village restaurant chain opened three new restaurants there in as many weeks. .... [more] 10 Apr, 2003
Auto parts stores take to road. China's first Japanese-made auto parts and accessories franchise system was established, with three central franchise shops opened in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in late March. .... [more] 1 Apr, 2003
Sun creams the competition. Chinese American David Sun, dubbed by some Beijing's Emperor of Coffee, is now selling coffee to tea-drinking China, where many of the 1.3 billion people still share his childhood view about the bitter brew. .... [more] 28 Mar, 2003
Party time at Tandoor. The Tandoor Beijing was officially opened on Monday after a successful 10-month trailblazer in the capital. .... [more] 14 Mar, 2003
Unemployed getting involved with franchises. More and more people who find themselves out of work are trying to get back on their feet by getting involved with a franchise, according to Association of Franchise Promotion Taiwan secretary general Wang Kuo-an. .... [more] 11 Mar, 2003
McDonald's goes for niche stores. McDonald's Taiwan is looking to boost its stagnating sales by expanding into niche markets and opening "new-concept" outlets. These include a McCafe store in Tienmu and over a dozen McKiosk shops scattered around the nation. .... [more] 11 Mar, 2003
China's KFC Outlets Offer Beijing Duck. Blending local cuisine with its American-style fowl fare, KFC is now offering its increasingly sophisticated Chinese customers an even broader selection of tastes: regular, extra-crispy - and Beijing duck. .... [more] 12 Feb, 2003
Investment forms in public service sector. The central government is encouraging investment in the sector through various forms including franchising. .... [more] 12 Feb, 2003
Sincere about returning. Sincere is resolute in its determination to stage an eye-catching comeback and to elbow its way into the local convenience store market. .... [more] 24 Jan, 2003
Bally Total Fitness Builds on Global Expansion Efforts with New Franchised Clubs in Southeast Asia. Bally Total Fitness today announced that it will be expanding its current franchising efforts within Southeast Asia, launching new health clubs in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. .... [more] 17 Jan, 2003
Pizza Hut won't dish up franchises. Tricon Global Restaurants Inc, the US-based fast food giant, will not franchise its Pizza Hut business in China, despite prospects within the fledgling market. .... [more] 14 Jan, 2003
Convenience stores a boon for many. It is 8 am on December 25. Like any other working day, the city is now in a morning rush, with people heading for work amid the chilly winter wind, often including a stop at one of Shanghai's 3000 convenience stores on the way. .... [more] 7 Jan, 2003
Hotpot challenges global fast-food giants. Chongqing hotpot, a century-old Chinese dish named after its birthplace - the Southwest China city of Chongqing - has become a potential rival to global fast-food giants like McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and US-based Dicos. .... [more] 2 Jan, 2003
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