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TAIWAN - Chunghwa Telecom to offer WLAN services at McDonald’s. Chunghwa Telecom on December 26 announced the launch of its WLAN services at all of the 346 McDonald’s chain stores around Taiwan on January 1, 2006. .... [more] 27 Dec, 2005
KFC marches to a different drumstick in China. KFC's China execs may not yet be able to report the annexation of Christmas - but in their Christmas cards home to Yum! Group headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, they will be, despite a few discomforting moments, reporting yet another profitable year. .... [more] 20 Dec, 2005
Record-breaking China Franchising Show Draws 24,000 China Entrepreneurs. More than 24,000 mainland China entrepreneurs visited the Eighth Annual Franchising China Conference & Exhibition - up 18 percent from last year. .... [more] 16 Dec, 2005
Kodak digitizes stores. Eastman Kodak Co said yesterday it will upgrade 80 percent of its more than 8,000 traditional photo express franchises in China over the next three years to digital outlets. .... [more] 15 Dec, 2005
McDonald's China chief bites into expansion plans. "French fries will be on our menu forever," Jeffrey Schwartz, McDonald's new China chief executive officer, said when he made his media debut in Beijing last month. .... [more] 5 Dec, 2005
Ikea to double presence in China. Swedish retailer Ikea is to expand in China, building a regional distribution centre and doubling its outlets over the next 18 months. .... [more] 2 Dec, 2005
Beijing shop hopes for more convenience. The Beijing Wangfujing Department Store Co Ltd (Group) wants to buy a 25 per cent stake in Seven-Eleven Beijing Co Ltd, a Chinese joint venture with Seven-Eleven Japan Co Ltd. .... [more] 23 Nov, 2005
Sunrider expands its franchise horizon. Sunrider, a US-headquartered door-to-door sales company, said yesterday it will open 5,000 more store across the country by the end of next year via franchising. .... [more] 18 Nov, 2005
Dairy Queen to grow by adding 30 stores. Warren Buffett's ice cream business, International Dairy Queen, said yesterday it will expand in China by opening at least 30 new stores by the end of next year. .... [more] 17 Nov, 2005
Franchise stores sprouting across China. When domestic franchise enterprises began consciously to speed up their pace for adjustment, international franchise giants are accelerating their steps to enter China. .... [more] 15 Nov, 2005
McDonald's considers reforms for Chinese tastes. McDonald's is considering the change of its mode of business in China to better adapt to the diversity of Chinese tastes, according to a Chinese newspaper. .... [more] 9 Nov, 2005
Explosive rise seen in franchise sales. Sales from franchised businesses in China are expected to make up 30 percent of the country's total retail sales in 2010, a whopping jump from less than 1 percent currently, analysts said at a franchise show in Shanghai yesterday. .... [more] 8 Nov, 2005
US-based franchising assn sees potential for strong growth in China. There is great growth potential in China for new businesses through the use of franchising, the chairman of the International Franchise Association (IFA) said. .... [more] 31 Oct, 2005
Biggest-ever Franchising China Opened Today in Beijing. Global Sources Ltd. eighth annual Franchising China Conference & Exhibition opened today at the China World Trade Center in Beijing and will run through until Nov. 1. .... [more] 31 Oct, 2005
The Eighth Annual Franchising China to be Biggest Ever. Global Sources Ltd. confirmed that more than 100 leading franchise companies are expected to participate in the eighth annual Franchising China Conference & Exhibition. .... [more] 25 Oct, 2005
KFC opens 1,500th outlet on Chinese mainland. US-based fast food giant KFC recently opened a new outlet here, bringing the total number on the Chinese mainland to 1,500. .... [more] 23 Oct, 2005
21 Minute Convenience Fitness Expands to China. 21 Minute Convenience Fitness, headquartered in California, USA, today announced it has awarded a license agreement for Shanghai Province. .... [more] 17 Oct, 2005
McDonald's bowing to 'Supersize' critics. Calcium-enriched berry yoghurt and bottled water will be introduced at McDonald's on Saturday, a move the fast-food behemoth says will allow its customers to make healthier choices. .... [more] 29 Sep, 2005
Papa John's eyes the big pie. Papa John's may be the new kid on the block in China's pizza business, but it is moving swiftly to grab a much bigger slice of a market now dominated by Pizza Hut. .... [more] 20 Sep, 2005
Spur stakes China. Listed quick service franchise group Spur Corporation is set to become South Africa's first food group in China when it opens its first franchised Spur Steak Ranch in Shanghai in two weeks' time. .... [more] 15 Sep, 2005
Beijing's first Coca-Cola merchandising store to open this month. Beijing's first Coca-Cola merchandising store will open in the city's Oriental Plaza at the end of September. .... [more] 14 Sep, 2005
Burger King begins franchise. Burger King has begun recruiting franchisees on the Chinese mainland, Oriental Morning Post reported Tuesday. .... [more] 13 Sep, 2005
Crust of the matter. Minor Group is determined to make it big in the major leagues of casual dining, and Chinese pizza lovers are in for a treat. .... [more] 12 Sep, 2005
IKEA revenue up, plans giant store in Beijing. IKEA, the world's leading home furnishing retailer, yesterday said that the current Madian store would make way for a giant outlet in northern Beijing. .... [more] 6 Sep, 2005
Fox signs Chinese franchise deal with He Mian. Following its announcement early this year that it was negotiating a franchise to open a chain of stores in China under the Fox-Wizel brand name, the company announced today that it had signed an agreement. .... [more] 21 Aug, 2005
CJ Launches Eatery Franchise in China. South Korea's biggest foodstuff maker, CJ Corp., is set to leap into the Chinese franchise restaurant market. .... [more] 17 Aug, 2005
Smelling the coffee. Imagine sitting on a comfortable sofa beside a large window at a coffee shop, sipping a steaming cup of delicious Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, enjoying the sunlight, oblivious to the hustle and bustle outside. .... [more] 1 Aug, 2005
FITNESS fetish. After a 10-hour workday, Wang Yue doesn't put her feet up in front of a TV - she prefers to spend one or two hours in the gym, sweating and panting. .... [more] 18 Jul, 2005
Burger King picks Shanghai as entry point to mainland. Burger King, one of the three biggest fast food restaurant chains in the US, has picked Shanghai as its entry point to the mainland market - 15 years after its rivals McDonald's and KFC. .... [more] 8 Jul, 2005
California Pizza Kitchen Debuts in Shanghai. California Pizza Kitchen opened its first restaurant in Shanghai, China on July 5 at 109 Retail Plaza in the West Tower of Shanghai Center. .... [more] 5 Jul, 2005
Rivals to feel bite from Burger King. Burger King, the second-largest United States hamburger chain, plans to open 10 stores in China in 12 months, aiming to catch up with McDonald's and Yum! Brands. .... [more] 28 Jun, 2005
McDonald's ad banned due to insulting plot. American fast food giant McDonald's was pressured recently in China to withdraw a new commercial which was found insulting to various consumers. .... [more] 23 Jun, 2005
McDonald's withdraws "insulting" ad. The Xi'an branch of McDonald's has pulled a commercial that viewers found insulting. .... [more] 22 Jun, 2005
Beauty salon chain receiving facelift. After years of studying abroad, Spring Su has been handed control of the biggest, and most-promising, chunk of her mother's beauty salon empire, Natural Beauty, on the Chinese mainland. .... [more] 20 Jun, 2005
TAIWAN - Hello Kitty boosts sales at 7-Eleven. In the face of stiff competition from rival convenience store chains, 7-Eleven is once again using the trusted-and-true cartoon cat to increase sales. .... [more] 14 Jun, 2005
TAIWAN - President Chain Store eases rules for franchisees. Faced with changes in the job market and an aging population, the nation's largest convenience store chain operator is adjusting its franchise system to embrace more middle-aged people to deliver sustainable growth. .... [more] 8 Jun, 2005
Foreign fast-food still popular in China. An outlet of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in downtown Zhengzhou, capital of central China's Henan province, was full of customers around dinner time at the weekend. .... [more] 6 Jun, 2005
HONG KONG - Fashion retailer plans push into mainland. Upmarket fashion retailer The Swank Shop says it plans to tap into the mainland's retail market and may adopt a franchise model to speed up expansion. .... [more] 6 Jun, 2005

Accor to Double China, Hong Kong Hotels. French hotel group Accor S.A. said Tuesday it expects to double its number of hotels in China and Hong Kong to 50 by 2007, riding on the country's strong economic growth and an increase in Chinese nationals traveling. .... [more] 31 May, 2005
Four Seasons may expand in China, Latin America, says CEO Isadore Sharp. Four Seasons Hotels Inc. is looking to expand its chain of luxury hotels in China and Latin America, although the Toronto-based company is not focusing on any specific region. .... [more] 25 May, 2005
Korean Bakery Has Big Plans for China. Korean bakery Paris Baguette is expanding its presence in China as the first Korean bakery company to enter the world's most populous country. .... [more] 26 May, 2005
HONG KONG - Pacific Coffee expands here, adds new foray on mainland. Chevalier iTech Holdings said its newly acquired Pacific Coffee Company plans to open five to 10 new Hong Kong outlets per year and make its first foray into the mainland market in 2005. .... [more] 24 May, 2005
TAIWAN - Eating out of toilets? It's all the rage in Kaohsiung. A theme restaurant where food is served on toilet-shaped plates is packing them in, as customers look for humor with their victuals. .... [more] 22 May, 2005
McDonald's aims to supersize franchise. McDonald's, the world's largest fast-food chain, is to further expand its Chinese franchise network. .... [more] 17 May, 2005
China on road to Big Mac drive-thru. Fast-food giant McDonald's is to introduce drive-thru outlets in China, 30 years after its first burger bar opened in the US. .... [more] 12 May, 2005
China owns over two thousand Franchise systems. Since been popularized in China in the middle of the 1990s, franchise business format had entered a high-speed development period from the year of 2000. .... [more] 22 Apr, 2005
Hotpot chain in copyright hot water. A well-known lamb hotpot restaurant is at the center of a bitter copyright dispute, with a Shanghai court holding a final hearing on the case yesterday. .... [more] 21 Apr, 2005
Franchise sector makes gains. The franchise sector has grown rapidly in China during the past few years, but some obstacles are still hindering development. .... [more] 12 Apr, 2005

Conte Of Florence Mulls Chinese Expansion. Italian sportswear producer Conte of Florence SpA is considering forming a partnership agreement to open a line of multi-brand outlets in China this year. .... [more] 11 Apr, 2005

Revised measures promote franchise development. The Ministry of Commerce published a revised version of the Administrative Measures on Commercial Franchise Operations on December 31, 2004, to replace the old one issued in 1997. .... [more] 4 Apr, 2005

Chain stores' expansion spotlighted. The China Chain Store & Franchise Association recently released a report on the development of the country's chain store operators in 2004. .... [more] 1 Apr, 2005

McDonald's takes bigger bite in China. McDonald's, the world's largest fast food provider, aims to open more than 100 new outlets in the Chinese mainland this year. .... [more] 28 Mar, 2005

Fixed-line giant wins license for cyber cafes. China Telecom won a nationwide license from the Ministry of Culture to operate Internet cafes as part of the government's continuing drive to consolidate the sprawling, largely mom-and-pop industry. .... [more] 15 Mar, 2005

How China Eats a Sandwich. Opening Subway franchises in the People's Republic - home of a billion potential customers - seemed like easy money. Until someone tried it. .... [more] 1 Mar, 2005

TAIWAN - Mister Donut eyes permanent spot on Taiwan's culinary landscape. Three months after the first Mister Donut opened in Tianmu, critics are questioning whether the doughnut fad has staying power. But the Japanese chain insists it's in Taiwan for the long haul. .... [more] 28 Feb, 2005

QuikDrop to Open First eBay 'Drop-Off' Store in China. QuikDrop International announced today that Huatian Cao will open the first QuikDrop eBay drop-off store on 26 Jing 6th Road in ZhengZhou, China on March 7. .... [more] 28 Feb, 2005

TAIWAN - Local chain rides the doughnut craze. One year before Mister Donut started to create a craze, local doughnut shop Tien Chiu Fang started cashing in on people's love for the treat. Since then it has quickly expanded its turf by franchising. .... [more] 28 Feb, 2005

McDonald's: Price changes had no dye link. McDonald's China denied its latest price adjustments on Wednesday are related to Sudan I, the carcinogenic food dye found in some of McDonald's products in the United Kingdom earlier this month. .... [more] 28 Feb, 2005

HONG KONG - Fashion retailer targets $433m IPO to expand outlets. Fashion retailer I.T, which is raising HK$433 million from an initial public offering in Hong Kong, said it will spend HK$280 million to expand its retail network in the territory and renovate existing stores. .... [more] 22 Feb, 2005

Pizza Hut accelerates expansion in China. The world-famous Pizza Hut restaurant chain opened three new outlets in Tianjin, a coastal metropolis in north China, within a week before the Spring Festival, the Lunar Chinese New Year. .... [more] 14 Feb, 2005

Franchise Confidence In China. China is the hot topic in international franchising today. Many global brands are entering, or have entered, China - all attempting to tap the country's population. .... [more] 10 Feb, 2005

First Sizzler Restaurant opens in Beijing. Worldwide Restaurant Concepts, Inc. today announced the opening of the first Sizzler restaurant in China. .... [more] 10 Feb, 2005

Chinese Entrepreneurs Eye Fast-Food Franchises. The number of fast-food franchises is expected to grow now that China is set to launch newly standardized franchising regulations. .... [more] 9 Feb, 2005

A coffee war heats up in China. As in many other markets, Seattle-based Starbucks is the industry Goliath who claims to be the first to introduce the so-called "coffee culture" to fashionable crowds in major Chinese cities. .... [more] 27 Jan, 2005

China hungry for KFC chicken, bamboo and lotus roots. China's relentless appetite for the colonel's chicken has KFC on a building boom in the world's most populous country, with 1,200 locations. .... [more] 17 Jan, 2005
McDonald's set to play franchise game. McDonald's, one of the world's largest fast-food chains, is stepping up its China expansion efforts through franchising. .... [more] 15 Jan, 2005

Policy touts franchise development. A Ministry of Commerce official said on Friday China's infant franchising industry is set to enter a rapid but orderly development stage after a new industrial regulation takes effect next month. .... [more] 8 Jan, 2005
China issues new franchising rules. China has issued new franchising rules to regulate both domestic and foreign operators, effective from Feb 1. .... [more] 4 Jan, 2005
Fast food price rise understandable. Cheerful songs broadcasting, colorful decorations shining, and smiling faces. Outlets of both KFC and McDonald's, the two top foreign fast-food chains in China, were crowded as usual during the New Year holiday. .... [more] 4 Jan, 2005
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