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: : 2000/2001

Shoppers' paradise to open in capital city. News of the opening of Beijing Mall brought a smile to the face of Xiao Liu, who has just returned from studying in California for three years. "I am extremely glad that Beijing has finally got its own mall. Shopping malls are almost as memorable as the beach and sunshine in California. I often spent the day there," Xiao said. .... [more] 11 Dec, 2001
McDonald's loses court battle with Chinese chain. McDonald's has lost a high-profile David and Goliath court battle over a chain of Chinese restaurants called McChina. .... [more] 27 Nov, 2001
China cosmetics firm grooms for foreign competition. China's entry to the WTO will change the face of its fast-growing cosmetics industry, putting pressure on domestic brands even as it smoothes out regulatory wrinkles hampering nationwide distribution for already-strong foreign players. .... 19 Nov, 2001
China's cities open to foreign commercial firms As one of the first steps taken after China entered the World Trade Organization over the weekend, the central government decided to open all cities to foreign commercial companies within the year. .... [more] 13 Nov, 2001
Federal Software eyes expansion. .... 2 Oct, 2001
Chain stores show impressive growth. In terms of sales, Shanghai Lianhua Supermarket has topped the ranking of the country's retail chains for the first half. .... [more] 14 Sep, 2001
Food fight in burgeoning market. A fight is brewing between US giants Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and McDonald's for control of China's lucrative fast food industry. .... [more] 12 Sep, 2001
7-Eleven is coming. The Thai conglomerate Chia Tai Group is working on an investment plan for a major expansion of its business in China. .... [more] 3 Sep, 2001
Fight for fast food big bucks heats up. A cut-throat battle for business in China's rapidly expanding fast food trade has left domestic producers vulnerable to fierce international competition. .... [more] 31 Aug, 2001
Taiwan's President Chain stock, haven in hard times. When Taiwan's economy starts getting stormy, investors duck for cover in 7-Elevens, or to be exact, in shares of its parent President Chain Store Corp. .... 27 Aug, 2001
HK-listed Tse Sui Luen to expand in China in 2nd half. Hong Kong-listed Tse Sui Luen Jewellery (International) Ltd. plans to increase the number of franchised stores in China from 87 to 98 in the second half of 2001. .... 8 Aug, 2001
KFC potatoes not up to standards. Fast food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) said that its US provider for potato flour has applied to the Ministry of Health to set up special standards for potato flour. .... 4 Aug, 2001
Restaurant franchise grows fast. China's restaurant industry is featured with more popular franchised and brisk private capitals and is expected to set up more brandnames in the future. .... [more] 1 Aug, 2001
Pret a Manger to move into Hong Kong. More than two centuries after colonial Britain first invented the sandwich, Pret a Manger, the UK company that revolutionised the sandwich bar 15 years ago, hopes to annex its second overseas market. .... [more] 1 Aug, 2001
Domestic mashed-potato suppliers have difficulty meeting KFC's standards. The mashed-potato shortage at KFC restaurants in China seems an opportune moment for Chinese spuds suppliers, but so far they haven't been able to meet KFC standards. .... 23 Jul, 2001
KFC's potato problem blamed on huge demand, low supply. What would a bucket of KFC chicken be without its tasty sidekick, mashed potatoes? Customers in China are finding out. .... 20 Jul, 2001
China's restaurant industry serves up tasty profits. China currently has more than 3 million restaurants, in which consumers spent more than 375 billion yuan (US$45.29 billion) last year, and nearly half of the top-100 restaurant companies are utilizing the franchise business model. .... 19 Jul, 2001

More Kyros outlets in Shanghai. GETTMORE Group Sdn Bhd, the franchise holder of the Kyros Kebab food chain, would be expanding its market in the Far East by opening more outlets in Shanghai, China. .... [more] 19 Jul, 2001
KFC settles second English receipt dispute. The legal case brought by Du Yanli against KFC Corp., alleging KFC's violation of Du's "right to know," finally came to an end June 25. .... 16 Jul, 2001
Right time to invest in China. Now is the right time to invest in China especially when opportunities are abound in its franchise market, according to a business consultant Charles C.H. Huang. .... [more] 16 Jul, 2001
Dymocks writes HK success story. Hong Kong's newest bookshop boasts a cafe overlooking Victoria Harbour at Wanchai. The Dymocks store is a long way from the traditional drab, pokey Asian bookshop where sellers wrap their products in cellophane to prevent anyone reading them before they buy. .... 9 Jul, 2001
Franchises a convenient way to success. Despite the scorching heat, Wang Hongtao, a 42-year-old local laid-off worker, travelled all the way to the second Shanghai International Franchise Business Exhibition, which ended here last Sunday. .... [more] 6 Jul, 2001
Fast food giants rush to open outlets. The world's leading fast food providers, McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), will both resort to franchises to further expand their presence in the Chinese mainland. .... 26 Jun, 2001
China to regulate franchises. Regulations for franchised operations in China are currently being drafted based on the Management Rules for Commercial Franchised Business issued in 1997. .... 21 Jun, 2001
U.S. PostNet establishes shaky presence in Guangzhou. The Chinese business-services market can be tough to break into. Just ask U.S.-based PostNet International Franchise Corp. .... 14 Jun, 2001
7-Eleven Confident of Growth. Convenience store chain 7-Eleven Inc said on Wednesday the global economic slowdown will not bite into its bottom-line, adding it is confident of continued expansion in the retail business. .... 13 Jun, 2001
Franchising brings rules to chaotic market. Franchising is being viewed as the most effective way to regulate the real estate agent market, a badly needed step according to Shanghai property experts. .... [more] 1 Jun, 2001
Taiwan food maker denies China 7-ELEVEN report. Taiwan food conglomerate Uni-President Enterprises on Thursday denied a Hong Kong newspaper report it had received the license to open 7-ELEVEN convenience stores in China. .... 3 May, 2001
Shanghai KFC opens self-serve K-Cafe. KFC Corp. introduced the K-Café, a self-serve convenience restaurant and KFC's most recent embellishment to the Chinese market, in Shanghai on April 16. .... 19 Apr, 2001
PostNet store to reopen in May. The first local franchise store of the US-based PostNet at Pudong's Lujiazui will reopen in May after being closed by the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau (SICAB) three months ago for unregistered operation. .... 18 Apr, 2001
Quarter Pounder with Freeze: McDonald's won't open new franchises in China until late '02. According to sources at McDonald's Asia-Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong, McDonald's will not open a franchising business in China until the end of 2002. .... 13 Apr, 2001
KFC excludes five China cities from franchising. Craving a bucket of KFC chicken? Well, if your appetite is insatiable, you might want to purchase a whole restaurant for just 8 million renminbi (US$967,750). But not if you're in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Wuxi or Hangzhou. .... 6 Feb, 2001
INTEREST - China predicts e-commerce boom. This year, business on the web is expected to reach a volume of 800m yuan ($96.7m), and the country's internet regulator, the Ministry of Information Industry, says that by 2002 it will top 10bn yuan ($1.2bn). .... [more] 13 Jul, 2000
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