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: : Jul-Dec 2000

Richtree says Mövenpick left it holding the bag. Canadian franchisees of Mövenpick are accusing the Swiss restaurant and hotel giant of neglect and have launched a lawsuit against the company, seeking to recoup $1.8-million in franchise fee payments. .... 15 Dec, 2000
The economic power of the deep-fried potato. When Jay Gould saw the hordes of people lining up for fresh french fries at a fair-weather chip cart in Manhattan 20 years ago, he knew it was a golden opportunity. .... 13 Dec, 2000
Hartco blames third-quarter loss on store closures. The company, which franchises computer and communications stores, reported a third-quarter loss of C$658,000, or 5 Canadian cents a share, compared with a profit of C$161,000, or 1 Canadian cent a share in the same quarter last year. .... 12 Dec, 2000
Forzani plans to blast out on Internet: Strikes deal with Blast Radius to launch in spring. Forzani Group Ltd., Canada's largest sporting goods retailer, is planning its own branded Internet sales site in the wake of a failed alliance with a U.S.-based sports Web site partly owned by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. .... 2 Dec, 2000
Restaurant chains hungry for staff. The market for workers is so tight, franchises are resorting to recruitment and retention strategies rarely seen in a sector known for 'McJobs,' JOHN SOUTHERST writes. .... 23 Nov, 2000
Lawsuit accuses police of doughnut-based favouritism. Toronto police officers are accused of having a conflict of interest in a theft investigation because the complainant in the case is a doughnut shop owner. .... 16 Nov, 2000
Nevada Bob's seeks protection from creditors in Canada, U.S. Nevada Bob's Golf Inc., once aiming to become the world's largest specialty golf retailer, has filed for court protection against its creditors in both Canada and the United States. .... 27 Oct, 2000
Nevada Bob's Golf trading halted. The prospects of Nevada Bob's Golf Inc. remained murky last night as investors and sportswear suppliers waited for news from the debt-ridden company after its stock was halted on the Toronto Stock Exchange pending news. .... 26 Oct, 2000
Check out the agreement and ask a lot of questions. Franchising has reshaped Canadian cities and those in most of the developed world, providing products from fast food to shoe repair, crane rental, legal services and medical laboratory services. Funeral services are franchised; insect and vermin control are, too. .... 23 Oct, 2000
Jean Coutu drugstores posts first-quarter profit. Canadian pharmacy chain Jean Coutu Group on Wednesday said net earnings rose 19 percent in the first quarter thanks to an increase in sales at its U.S. outlets as well as strong performances in its Canadian franchises. .... 18 Oct, 2000
Danforth locals fear franchises may taint area. The future opening of three popular fast-food franchises on The Danforth has divided residents and business owners about the changing nature of their community. .... 17 Oct, 2000
Rumours swirl Nevada Bob's on verge of deal. Reports circulated yesterday that troubled retail chain Nevada Bob's Golf Inc. is on the verge of signing a deal with a buyer. The golf supplies seller is said to be under the gun to sell from a powerful group of U.S. creditors. .... 12 Oct, 2000
Venture-capital deals in the tech sector from Macdonald & Associates. Ledgers Canada Inc., the operator of an on-line portal that provides professional bookkeeping, taxation, working capital and financial services to small businesses, has landed $1.6-million in financing. .... 12 Oct, 2000
Nevada Bob's to revert stores back to franchises. In a marked change of course, retailer Nevada Bob's Golf Inc. has announced it plans to sell off ownership of its stores and turn them back into franchises in an effort to raise much-needed cash and pay down its heavy debt load. .... 11 Oct, 2000
What's new in franchising. Emerging concepts show its appeal beyond the fast-food sector and that influences such as the Internet bring constant change, JOHN SOUTHERST writes. .... 11 Oct, 2000
Nevada Bob's Canada reorganizes to avoid bankruptcy. Canadian golf retailer Nevada Bob's Canada Inc. said on Tuesday its financial situation is in peril and it will file for bankruptcy unless it can secure financing and sell about 80 of its retail stores as franchises. .... 10 Oct, 2000

INTEREST - Some neighbourly advice on how to sell. Bad news, Canada. The United States not only kicked our butts at the Olympics, it makes us look like a bunch of amateurs in the business of marketing. .... 6 Oct, 2000
Activists stage Second Cup boycott. French-language activists are staging a boycott of Second Cup coffee shops because they believe the franchise's Quebec outlets should carry a French name. .... 2 Oct, 2000
Ford cracks down on unauthorized export sales. Ford Motor Co. of Canada Ltd. is hitting some of its dealers with penalties of more than $1-million in a bid to solve what it regards as a festering problem Canadian dealers selling new vehicles to U.S. buyers. .... 2 Oct, 2000
Pizza franchisees look to rise in the east. Building on success in Edmonton, the partners are at the forefront of Boston Pizza's push into the lucrative Southern Ontario market, JOHN SOUTHERST writes. .... 21 Sep, 2000
Forzani sprints ahead: Q2 profit doubles to $1.6M as revenues rise 15%. The Forzani Group Ltd., Canada's biggest specialty sporting-goods retailer, has entered the back-to-school season on a winning streak after doubling its quarterly profit on robust sales growth. The company said Tuesday that it earned $1.6 million in its second financial quarter ended July 30, up from $744,000 a year earlier. .... 29 Aug, 2000
Franchisor knows how to turn a buck. Not many people look at a dollar store and think of trust companies. Bud Walker did, and now he owns a franchised chain of 98 dollar stores that rang up sales of $35-million last year. .... 9 Aug, 2000
Edwards quits as chief of Nevada Bob's. Lyle Edwards, president and chief executive of financially troubled Nevada Bob's Golf Inc. has resigned, less than a year after the Canadian firm came to the rescue of its bankrupt U.S. parent. .... 28 Jul, 2000

French toast. In France, one tends to leave the table satisfied and disinclined to seek supplements at the local Krispy Kreme doughnut franchise. In health-fascist America, obesity is epidemic. .... 27 Jul, 2000

Bitove hopes size will help new fast-food giant, 'priszm.' Forget the menu. As the fast food fight in Canada grows nastier, competitors such as John Bitove Jr. are increasingly convinced that the weapons of choice are superior size and those old real estate standbys - location, location and location. .... 25 Jul, 2000
Can Krispy Kreme bite into Canadian market? Not everyone is convinced that doughnut-craving Canadians still have room for the brand that's conquered U.S. appetites. .... 20 Jul, 2000
Jean Coutu posts solid results, to split stock. Fast-growing pharmacy chain Jean Coutu Group posted a rise in fiscal year profit on Wednesday that fell in line with analysts' expectations. .... 19 Jul, 2000
Diners for families no mom and pop deal. ABC, Ricky's, Smitty's. Drive along any main road in Canada and the ubiquitous neon signs for these and other family restaurants are hard to miss. .... 11 Jul, 2000
Merci to all our inferiors. Delightful though it may be to see a tiny French McDonald's franchise humbled, it should be noted that the French do not enjoy one single freedom of any sort that was not purchased at a high price by North Americans. .... 7 Jul, 2000
Pharmacies must innovate in battle for bucks.
Large grocery and discount stores are muscling in on the lucrative pharmacy business, forcing drug store chains to find creative ways to deal with the onslaught and remain profitable. .... 7 Jul, 2000
Franchise legislation may snare entrepreneurs.
Many business operators who don't consider themselves to be franchisors may find Ontario's law applies to them. .... 5 Jul, 2000
Cinnaroll signs deal to open 50 stores in southeast Asia.
Gourmet cinnamon roll maker Cinnaroll Bakeries Ltd. has signed a 50-store franchise agreement with Global Cinnergy Group, a franchise operator in southeast Asia. .... 4 Jul, 2000
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