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: : Jul-Dec 2002

Hotel discount site launched. Harvey World Travel yesterday launched two new online hotel booking services offering rooms at discounted rates. .... 31 Dec, 2002
Caffeine fires up franchise targets. The Coffee Club franchise group is heading into 2003 on a caffeine high, with plans for strong expansion. .... 31 Dec, 2002
Franchise flight in backyard blitzkrieg. Yates Garden Care, the landscaping and gardening business spun out of the listed Yates group just three months ago, is rapidly unravelling as angry franchisees desert the company in droves. .... 23 Dec, 2002
Bracing for an orgy of spending. Gerry Harvey, founder of Harvey Norman, reckons it is the busiest pre-Christmas trading he has ever seen, but John Fletcher, head of the country's largest retailer, Coles Myer, claims it is too hard to call. .... [more] 20 Dec, 2002
Pie purchase fills up AACo. The cattle kings at Australian Agricultural Company (AACo) have bolted on a chain of Perth pie shops as the group extends its "paddock to plate" strategy. .... [more] 20 Dec, 2002
Retailer's flat Christmas. Specialist retailer New Clicks Australia, which owns the Priceline chain, has pulled back its profit growth target for 2002-03 after experiencing flat sales leading up to Christmas. .... 17 Dec, 2002
IKEA vows to get real. When the Swedish homeware giant IKEA decided to expand, it took more than a few hex keys to assemble the deal. .... 12 Dec, 2002
Testing an Aussie recipe. For years it was dill pickle, like it or not. But now, under pressure around the world, McDonald's is trying to shed its image of US cultural imperialism - and it's turned to an Australian for the recipe. .... 9 Dec, 2002
Christmas is coming, and so are shoppers. And for the first time in several years the major department stores have not panicked the market into a round of deep discounting. Well, not yet anyway. .... [more] 4 Dec, 2002
Brambles stands by merger. Brambles chairman Don Argus has claimed last year's controversial merger helped accelerate the discovery of problems at the group's Chep Europe business. .... 26 Nov, 2002
The eagle is circling. Tom Potter wants a slice of the burger market. No, the Brisbane-based founder of Eagle Boys pizza chain is not about to make a bid for the outlets of McDonald's or Hungry Jack's, but he does want their customers. .... [more] 26 Nov, 2002
Brambles chiefs called to account. Investors have suggested Brambles Industries should dump its top two executives and called on the pair to return at least part of their lucrative salary packages in view of the company's shock profit downgrade. .... [more] 25 Nov, 2002
RELATED - Labor pledge to small business. Establishing the role of a Small Business Commissioner and a boost to business development funding are priorities of Labor's small business election platform. .... 25 Nov, 2002
Brambles chopped down as credibility gap yawns. Brambles Industries was hit by a second wave of selling yesterday as analysts and major investors turned on the company, with some saying management had now lost credibility. .... [more] 23 Nov, 2002
Brambles at eight-year low. Brambles Industries successfully stamped out any lingering confidence in its outlook with the shock warning that earnings for the CHEP pallet business in Europe had substantially deteriorated. .... [more] 22 Nov, 2002
Metcash flags strong second half and a great Christmas. Grocery and liquor wholesaler Metcash has more than held its ground in increasingly competitive markets, yesterday reporting increased interim sales, earnings, and dividend and flagging a 35-40 per cent rise in profits in the second half. .... [more] 21 Nov, 2002
Gerry Harvey gets a few things off his chest. Harvey Norman annual meetings were generally considered marathon affairs if they lasted more than five minutes. .... [more] 20 Nov, 2002
RELATED - Small traders cruising. Small businesses have shrugged off predictions of an economic downturn and should continue to grow next year, a new survey has found. .... 18 Nov, 2002
Harvey Norman rejects 'bait' ad claims. Allegations by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission that three Sydney-based companies in the Harvey Norman group have engaged in "bait" advertising will be heard next month in the Melbourne Federal Court. .... [more] 13 Nov, 2002
Big guns blaze in Brisbane bookstore war. The mega bookstores have hit town and now the battle is on among retailers for survival. .... 30 Oct, 2002
Retailer pushes profit higher. Freedom Furniture Group has built upon last year's record results with strong first-quarter trading. .... 26 Oct, 2002
INTEREST - Rush to small business. The complexities of GST have failed to halt the rush by Australians into small business and self-employment. .... 17 Oct, 2002

Harvey suffers a September slowdown. A slowdown during September left Harvey Norman's first-quarter trading marginally behind expectations but the retailer claims it bounced back even before the lost sales were missed. .... [more] 16 Oct, 2002
New Clicks' retailing formula a winner. Specialist retailer New Clicks Australia yesterday said it planned to open about 60 new stores across its four businesses next year, as it unveiled a 23 per cent increase in operating profit. .... [more] 16 Oct, 2002
Gerry Harvey admits Slovenia is quite a risk. Gerry Harvey is not letting a three-year low in the share price of his retail group Harvey Norman stop him talking up his big international plans - even if it may have turned him into a defrocked billionaire. .... [more] 10 Oct, 2002
Metcash wins tentative support. Metcash's expansion into The Philippines has drawn a mixed response from major investors, but most indicate they are prepared to back management even as the company's share price tails off. .... [more] 8 Oct, 2002
Pick 'n Pay fires up Franklins. The relaunched Franklins supermarkets could soon command up to 10 per cent market share in NSW, Interfrank Holdings managing director Aubrey Zelinsky said yesterday. .... 5 Oct, 2002
Metcash deal with Suy Sing in Manila. Metcash has chosen a joint venture in the Philippines with Suy Sing Commercial Corp as the vehicle for its grand expansion in Asia - one that the grocery wholesaler hopes will generate $1 billion in sales within three years. .... [more] 3 Oct, 2002
Brumby's bakes its best profit. Franchise chain Brumby's Bakeries has booked a record result for 2001-02, and flagged a possible listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. .... [more] 27 Sep, 2002
New Clicks launches Australian pharmacy group. Despite tough competition in the Australian pharmaceutical retail market, SA health, beauty and lifestyle group New Clicks launched a new pharmacy banner group in the country yesterday. .... [more] 20 Sep, 2002
Harvey Norman counting on Rebel Sports to outperform. Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd chairman Gerry Harvey said the retailer could double its Rebel Sports stores in Australia before reaching saturation point. .... 17 Sep, 2002
Harvey attacks Coles Myer. Discount king Gerry Harvey has weighed into the Coles Myer row, arguing that he could fix the troubled retailer. .... 16 Sep, 2002
Steady growth for Harvey Norman. Harvey Norman returned to profit growth in the financial year just ended thanks to a boom in electrical goods sales and a kick to earnings from its stake in Rebel Sport. .... [more] 14 Sep, 2002
McDonald's a mecca for Muslims. For almost half a century, McDonald's burgers have been enjoyed as a quick snack. Now Australia's first halal Mcdonald's is proving a big hit with Sydney's Muslim community which is finally able to taste a Big Mac or cheeseburger. .... 9 Sep, 2002
CHEPs are not down, Brambles reassures. Brambles Industries' problem-plagued CHEP pallet management business in the US has not only turned the corner but is trading strongly enough to compensate for any unexpected weakness in Europe. .... [more] 3 Sep, 2002
Harvey Norman on the move. Harvey Norman is once again on the march around Australia, this time opening a chain of Domayne homegoods stores. .... 2 Sep, 2002
Harvey flops and Flight Centre takes off. They may both sell holidays but their stories yesterday couldn't be more different. .... 30 Aug, 2002
Upbeat Brumby's shifts into expansion mode, eyes ASX. Queensland bakery icon Brumby's is heading to the stockmarket as part of a major expansion. .... 27 Aug, 2002
RELATED - Good times roll for retailers, survey shows. Australia's retailers are bullish and thinking strategically about the future of their businesses. .... [more] 22 Aug, 2002
Furniture retailer earns $15.6m and says it's on a roll. Freedom Group yesterday reported record sales and profits for 2001-02 and immediately claimed it would do better in the current financial year, regardless of the state of the economy. .... [more] 21 Aug, 2002
Harvey Norman to conquer new fields. When John Singleton called Gerry Harvey to warn him that a 60 Minutes feature might portray the two mates as "silly old men", the billionaire retailer just shrugged. .... [more] 27 Jul, 2002

Harvey Norman shifts up a gear. The patchy retail conditions evident for most of the past year gave way to a strong fourth quarter for Harvey Norman, raising hopes the company may produce at least a mild surprise with its profit result. .... [more] 24 Jul, 2002
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