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: : 2000/2001

7-Eleven reaches out to traditional sellers. Owners of traditional family grocery shops will be invited to apply for franchises to operate 7-Eleven convenience stores. .... [more] 6 Dec, 2001
Ponderosa and Bennigan's to enter fray. New York restaurant chains Ponderosa and Bennigan's will open their doors in Thailand next year, unworried by the economic slowdown. .... [more] 7 Nov, 2001
Subway plan held back by new barrier. Commercial service of Thailand's first subway, scheduled to begin in December 2002, is now expected to be delayed after operator Bangkok Metro Co failed to secure deals to procure train carriages and operating system equipment under its contract deadline. .... [more] 17 Oct, 2001
Franchised shops to sell village crafts. Franchised shops selling food, handicrafts and herbal products made by local companies that apply modern technology to traditional knowledge will soon make their debut in Thailand. .... [more] 10 Oct, 2001
No profit seen from fast food. Central Plaza Hotels and Resorts Plc (Centel) expects zero profit from its fast-food businesses this year because of intense competition and rising costs but anticipates continued profit from its hotel operations. .... [more] 6 Sep, 2001
Amarin to boost income. Amarin Printing and Publishing Plc says the expansion of its printing house, the launch of the Thai-edition National Geographic and the expansion of its Nai-In bookstore chain will increase its net profit by at least 10% next year. .... [more] 6 Sep, 2001
Rockin' restaurant hits the spot. A mobile restaurant painted like a spotted dog, with an inhouse karaoke bar, organised tables, clean toilets and chickens on board is giving the term street vendor a new meaning. .... [more] 3 Sep, 2001
Big Echo targets families. Big Echo, a household name in karaoke services in Japan, is breaking new ground in Thailand's sing-along entertainment world by offering what it calls more family-oriented services. .... [more] 1 Sep, 2001
Global Thai could drop franchise idea. Global Thai Restaurant, a firm planned by the government to help Thais open restaurants abroad, may revise its scope and provide advice instead of operating a franchise network. .... [more] 31 Aug, 2001
SB Furniture plans to boost its exports with franchises. Overseas franchises are part of a new strategy by SB Furniture Industry Co to expand its export markets and improve revenues. .... [more] 29 Aug, 2001
Coffee chain plans to open 40 outlets. Chicago-based Gloria Jean's Coffees plans to have 40 shops nationwide in five years, building on its one existing cafe in Siam Square, Bangkok. .... [more] 29 Aug, 2001
CP to re-enter fried chicken market with new restaurants. The Charoen Pokphand Group is re-entering the fast-food fried chicken market, a segment it abandoned last year when it pulled out of the KFC venture. .... [more] 22 Aug, 2001
Drop-out snips his way to national fame. Hair design award-winner, Anan Chiangsorn, is ready to franchise his salons. .... [more] 21 Aug, 2001
Coca Suki poised to enter US and Europe. Building on its presence in Asia, the Coca Suki restaurant chain is heading for Europe and the United States. .... [more] 18 Aug, 2001
Local franchises eye global forum. Ten local franchise businesses plan to attend the Global Franchising conference in Singapore from Sept 19-21 to seek opportunities to broaden the presence of Thai franchises abroad. .... 18 Aug, 2001
Room Service finds a niche. A new meal-delivery service in Bangkok, supplying food from 180 upscale restaurants, has been launched officially after a two-year trial to build a customer base. .... [more] 18 Aug, 2001
RS Promotion plans new shops. RS Promotion 1992 Co, the country's second-largest record company, plans to open around 15 new Star City entertainment stores over the next few years, with the expansion carried out through both franchises and self-invested outlets. .... [more] 15 Aug, 2001
King backs venture to help local farmers. His Majesty the King has initiated a plan to establish a Thai-owned retailing franchise to help market local products, supplied directly from farms, and supported by the local community under his self-sufficient economy concept. .... [more] 13 Aug, 2001
Narai seeks slice of action. While all the talk centres on Pizza Hut versus The Pizza Company, a less publicised brand, Narai Pizzeria, is taking a third slice in a market that is expected to rise to three billion baht annually by the second half of next year. .... [more] 8 Aug, 2001
Herbs prove to be a winner. Success follows a few false starts for health-food operator. .... [more] 1 Aug, 2001
Burger King rift resolved. Thai International Fast Food Co (TIFF) yesterday announced an out-of-court settlement with Burger King Corp of their dispute over the closure of Burger King restaurants in Thailand. .... [more] 31 Jul, 2001
McThai has new growth tactic. McThai Co, the local franchisee of McDonald's, is applying a new strategy that could put the fast-food outlets in most, if not all, provinces in Thailand. .... [more] 10 Jul, 2001

EZ's plans major expansion on two fronts. EZ's International Franchise Co, the operator of EZ's Fast Food, plans to spend 50 million baht to open 50 family restaurants over the next three years. .... [more] 4 Jul, 2001
Popularity of pizza hotting up. Thais' fast-growing appetite for pizza is expected to increase sales by 36% between now and the middle of next year to reach three billion baht. .... [more] 27 Jun, 2001
Thai twist to tussle for dominant taste. So who's baking the authentic pizza? And who's producing the truly Thai pizza as distinct from the "foreign" one? .... [more] 25 Jun, 2001
Pizza Company network to expand to stave off rivals. Minor Food Group Plc will expand its Pizza Company network to more than 130 stores in a bid to maintain market leadership position and stave off aggressive expansion by Tricon Restaurants International's Pizza Hut chain. .... [more] 22 Jun, 2001
Pizza Hut is growing strongly. Tricon Restaurants International says its Pizza Hut operation has been performing strongly in Thailand and is on course to reach 100 outlets by the first quarter of 2002. .... [more] 19 Jun, 2001
Burger King to claim damages. Rejecting a former franchisee's contention that an "amicable" settlement of their contractual dispute had been reached, Burger King Corp said yesterday it had started proceedings in the Thai courts against Thai International Fast Food Co (TIFF). .... [more] 14 Jun, 2001
Disputed burger sites to close. Thai International Fast Food Co (TIFF), owned by the Chirathivat family, will close its two remaining Burger King locations, at Don Muang airport's domestic terminal and The Emporium, next month. TIFF executives described the termination of the franchise contract with Burger King as an "amicable divorce". .... [more] 12 Jun, 2001
Top chef seeks Thai investors. Famous Thai chef Tommy Tang is in town to find investors for his new restaurant chain in the United States, the Tommy Tang Express. .... [more] 8 Jun, 2001
Pat Liew succeeds in marrying creativity with entrepreneurship. In just six years, and a good part of it spent in an economic crisis, BritishIndia has grown to resemble a mini-empire with its founder Pat Liew as the empress of clothes. .... [more] 4 Jun, 2001
Local company bites back at Burger King. Thai International Fast Food Co (TIFF) yesterday bit back at Burger King Corp, saying the US fast food giant's management lacked direction and commitment. .... [more] 2 Jun, 2001
Burger King challenges local franchisee's authority. US-based Burger King Corp yesterday accused Thai International Fast Food Co (TIFF) of operating local franchises without proper authority. .... [more] 1 Jun, 2001
Who spiked their coffee? What is it about Starbucks that inspires such strong responses in certain people? .... [more] 21 May, 2001
7-Eleven sees 10% lift in gross takings. On track for 3,000 stores in place by 2008 .... [more] 16 May, 2001
Putting 'fast' into fast food. If Nicholas Cage can steal a Porsche and be "Gone in 60 Seconds" in the movie of the same name, McThai Co, the operator of McDonald's, believes it can deliver burgers at the same speed during peak hours. .... [more] 3 May, 2001
Tricon sees bullish Asian business growth. Pizza Hut's parent company, Tricon Global Restaurants Inc, said on Tuesday it plans to expand rapidly this year in Asia, which already generates over half of its revenue outside the United States. .... 17 Apr, 2001
Burger King fights for control of outlets. Burger King Corp yesterday stressed its right to buy the assets and take over the leases for the majority of the remaining Burger King outlets in Thailand operated by the Thai International Fast Food Co, in the event of their closure. .... [more] 27 Mar, 2001
Excel to franchise curtain shops. Excel Co, one of Thailand's biggest wholesalers of curtains and upholstery fabrics, will shut out the middleman. .... [more] 27 Mar, 2001
New Pizza Hut alliance steps up battle in market. The official formation today of the Pizza Hut alliance between Tricon Restaurants International and Central Fast Food group steps up the battle for a bigger slice of Thailand's pizza market, worth two billion baht a year. .... [more] 23 Mar, 2001
Competition heats up Thailand's pizza business. Thailand's pizza war gets hotter on Saturday when the Minor Food Group , which lost a Pizza Hut franchise after 20 years, opens more than 100 restaurants in direct competition with the U.S.-based chain. .... 15 Mar, 2001
Tricon plans to spend B1.2bn on Pizza Hut, KFC expansion; Plenty of room for growth, says exec. Shrugging off critics' claims that the Western-style fast-food business is reaching saturation point, Tricon Global Restaurants Inc yesterday announced plans to invest 1.2 billion baht in expanding its Pizza Hut and KFC brands in Thailand this year. .... 2 Feb, 2001
Burger King sues Central over Thai outlet closures; US chain claims breach of contract. Burger King Corporation said yesterday it would start proceedings against the Central Group for a breach of contract in closing Burger King restaurants in Thailand. .... 1 Feb, 2001
Minor starts rebranding; Italian-style outlets to reopen in March. The Minor Food Group officially ended its 21-year Pizza Hut operation in Thailand yesterday by dismantling signs and decorations that bear the red straw hat logo and name at 116 restaurants. .... 1 Feb, 2001
State seen as partner in export venture; Brands tap overseas taste for Thai food. The Department of Export Promotion will seek cabinet approval next month to invest in a company that will operate Thai restaurant franchises overseas. .... 15 Dec, 2000
New-look Pizza group to spend B800m on restaurant expansion; Chicken Treat will lead the way. The Pizza Plc, which is changing its name to the Minor Food Group Plc, will spend 800 million baht to expand its restaurant business next year. .... 8 Dec, 2000
Economic Program Revitalizing Thailand's Countryside. "I never dreamed I'd ever make so much money," she said, adding that business is so good she might expand. Her plan is to franchise the business with a couple more pushcarts, which she will lease to friends. .... 27 Feb, 2000
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